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Game Thread Game Four: #1 Ohio State 28, #24 Penn State 6 (9/23/06)

Just general observations... borrowing from oh8ch's phrase...from C deck.

1. When Smith missed a wide open Ginn and threw the opening pick, I immediately looked up at the flags and penants. All were blowing in a direction that indicated a strong west to east wind. I know the wind direction can be different down at field level, but I suspect that Smith did not give it enough Kentucky windage when he fired and that the wind blew the ball back to King's side, a good ten yards behind Teddy.

2. IMO The corners have been a wonderful surprise. I feared a terriffic drop off from last year, but these guys have been outstanding. The run defense is either very, very good or awful. The bucks play lights out for a few downs and then someone doesn't wrap a guy up and he picks up fifteen to twenty. I'm wondering if teams have figured out how to block our defense on screens and pitch plays. I see one scarlet jersey in the flat and its always got a helmet on the numbers and help is ten yards down field. Someone suggested that it's the result of DE's not playing contain properly, so maybe it's because we have a different configuration than last year, the speed/size/strength of the current LBs or that our safeties aren't quite as good against the run as we've experienced the last few years. Anyone agree, disagree?

3. Running on 3rd and short, or inside the five is getting to be damned near impossible in college ball. I thought it was just the Bucks who couldn't get it done for the last few years , but as I watch more games I don't see anybody walking into the end zone, or getting the automatic first down.
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