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Fuss-Cheatam's mother killed in car accident


Buckeye Beach Bum
Prayers go out to you and your family. :(

Beaver Falls woman killed in Harmar crash
Mother of standout Ohio State University basketball player
Thursday, November 04, 2004

By Joe Fahy, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A Beaver Falls woman was killed and her husband was injured yesterday in a two-vehicle accident in Harmar.

Chris Fuss-Cheatham, 44, was pronounced dead at the scene, the Allegheny County coroner's office said. An autopsy was scheduled for today.

Authorities said her 50-year-old husband, Jeff Cheatham, was ejected through a back window of the Pontiac Grand Am he was driving. His wife was a passenger.

He was taken by helicopter to UPMC Presbyterian, where he was in stable condition, said STAT MedEvac spokesman John Chamberlain.

Cheatham and his wife are the parents of Brandon Fuss-Cheatham, a former Blackhawk High School basketball standout and a guard for the Ohio State University basketball team.

Neither of the victims was wearing a seat belt, said Harmar Patrolman William Steenburgh.

He said the Pontiac, heading north on Freeport Road, was attempting to make a left turn when it collided with a sport utility vehicle.

The driver of that vehicle, a 21-year-old woman from Pittsburgh, was wearing a seat belt and was not injured, he said.

Blackhawk basketball Coach John Miller said he was "devastated" by the news, noting that the couple are his close friends.
Wow... Just terrible.

And in a one time BP event.

I'll agree with Tibor. (Okay.. maybe the second time)

Wear your seatbelts.

Three People in this accident. One dead, One in the hospital, and one uninjured.
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unbelievable news.....prayers to the entire family from us.... :sad:

please dont take this the wrong way...but my brother is alive today only because he wasnt wearing his seatbelt...
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The SUV was going 40-50 mph. Seatbelt or no, it would probably have been fatal - the passenger side was struck nearly flush.

Chris was a really cool lady. I can't even imagine how Brandon's feeling right now.
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Regardless, of where the SUV hit, I'm sure the seatbelt saved the young girl's life. Just one year ago I was rammed into a concrete wall at 70 mph, the police officer told me I would have gone through the windsheild and been part of the wall if I had not worn my seatbelt. The Derrick Thomas story always comes to memory when discussing seatbelts. A terrible story and my prayers go out to his family.
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