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FreeBSD gurus? Anyone? Bueller?


Will Bryant
Staff member
I need someone who can do some sysadmin-type work. Upgrading FreeBSD, PHP and mySQL as necessary. Someone security minded who can go through, and make sure things are patched and/or otherwise locked down well enough to at least give script kiddies a hard time getting in. Wouldn't be the first time for that, went down 11/02 thanks to some tool from Hackweiser who felt defacing wasn't enough, he had to destroy data and cripple the OS as well. Other little issues are changing the server name (you all might have noticed that if you don't put the trailing slash after 'forum', that you end up on cinnmon.bryants.net (and the fact that cinnamon is misspelled has grated on me since the guy set it that way following the defacing)), setting up qmail or some other POP server (the more secure the better) over here so I can reclaim my various accounts from servers friends run. Tweaking Apache a bit, looking into options like http://www.modsecurity.org/. Strip some unneeded accounts, add a couple others. Just general upkeep and maintenance.

I used to have people I could turn to for this sort of thing, but over time they've moved on to jobs that don't permit such efforts, or have fallen out of touch, or in one case has eschewed modern technology for inflatable furniture and a nomadic lifestyle. Heh.

Anyway, bottom line is I need to find someone. Thought I'd start here locally and spread my search out from there.