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Free Agent possibilities for Cleveland

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by GoofyBuckeye, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    It seems like most of us here either want to see an OL or a QB taken with the first round pick. The glaring FA's are Walter Jones (who Seattle probably won't tag), Drew Brees, Matt Hasslebeck (I think Seattle tags either him or Alexander), Joe Andruzzi, and Cosey Coleman. All UFA's.

    Here is a list of possible free agents at OT:

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=611 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=center bgColor=#bcbcbc><TD width=177 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Player</TD><TD width=107 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Status</TD><TD width=154 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2004 Team</TD><TD width=173 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2005 Team</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Jonas Jennings</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Bills</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Marcus Price</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Bills</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Tom Ashworth</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Brandon Gorin</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Adrian Klemm</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Kareem McKenzie</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Jets</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Brian Rimpf</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Damion Cook</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Ethan Brooks</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Kirk, Chambers</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Lewis Dawson</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Joaquin Gonzalez</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Bo Lacy</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Steelers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Barrett Brooks</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Steelers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Oliver Ross</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Steelers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Marcus Spears</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Texans</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Ryan Diem</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Colts</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Bob Whitfield</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Jaguars</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Brad Lekkerkerker</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Langston Walker</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Joe Wong</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Chad Slaughter</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Carlos Joseph</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Chargers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Victor Rogers</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Lions</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Stockar McDougle</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Lions</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Kevin Barry</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Packers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Adam Haayer</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Scott Tercero</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Orlando Pace</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Walter Jones</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Seahawks</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Floyd Womack</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Seahawks</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Jerome Davis</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>49ers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Kevin Shaffer</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Dave Kadela</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Mike Houghton</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Matt Willig</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Victor Riley </TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Saints </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Anthony Davis</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Buccaneers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Greg Walker</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Giants</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Brandon Winey</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Giants</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Ian Allen</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Eagles</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Tra Thomas</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Eagles</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!--END ADVPRINT -->
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=611 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=center bgColor=#bcbcbc><TD width=177 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Player</TD><TD width=107 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Status</TD><TD width=154 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2004 Team</TD><TD width=173 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2005 Team</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Mike Pucillo</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Bills</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Billy Yates</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Stephen Neal</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Joe Andruzzi</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Brandon Moore</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Jets</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Jonathan Goodwin</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Jets</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Dave Yovanovits</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Jets</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Eric Wilson </TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Dolphins</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Maake Kemoeatu</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Bennie Anderson</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Casey Rabach</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Melvin Fowler</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Chad Beasley</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Paul Zukauskas</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Milford Brown</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Texans</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Rick DeMulling</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Colts</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Tupe Peko</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Colts</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Mike Compton</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Jaguars</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Carlisle Cooper</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Broncos</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Ronald Stone</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Chris Dielman</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Chargers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Terence Metcalf</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Bears</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Tyrone Hopson</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Lions</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Marco Rivera</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Packers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>David Dixon</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Anthony Herrera</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Brandon Newton</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Blaine Saipaia</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Darnell Alford</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Chris Dishman</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Tom Nutten</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Rams</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Jeremy Bridges</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Cardinals</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Cameron Spikes</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Cardinals</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Chris Gray</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Seahawks</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Kyle Kosier</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>49ers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Eric Heittman</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>49ers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Rob Murphy</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>49ers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Martin Bibla</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Michael Moore </TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Roberto Garza</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Steve Herndon</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Tutan Reyes</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Rich Tylski</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Cosey Coleman</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Buccaneers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Ben Noll</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Cowboys</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Matt Lehr</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Cowboys</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Jermane Mayberry</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Eagles</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!--END ADVPRINT -->
    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=611 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=center bgColor=#bcbcbc><TD width=177 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Player</TD><TD width=107 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>Status</TD><TD width=154 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2004 Team</TD><TD width=173 bgColor=#bcbcbc height=20>2005 Team</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Shane Matthews</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Bills</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Jim Miller</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Patriots</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Sage Rosenfels</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Dolphins</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Josh Harris</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Kordell Stewart</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Ravens</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Kelly Holcomb</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Browns</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Charlie Batch</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Steelers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Tony Banks</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Texans</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Matt Mauck</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Broncos</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Bradlee Van Pelt</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Broncos</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Todd Collins</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Chiefs</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Damon Huard</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Chiefs</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>David Rivers</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Raiders</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Drew Brees</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Chargers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Mike McMahon</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Lions</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Rick Mirer</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Lions</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Craig Nall</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Packers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Doug Pederson</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Packers</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Gus Frerotte</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Shaun Hill</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Vikings</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Josh McCown</TD><TD width=107>RFA</TD><TD width=154>Cardinals</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Matt Hasselbeck</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Seahawks</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Brock Huard</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Seahawks</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Ty Detmer</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Falcons</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Rod Rutherford</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Panthers </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Vinny Testaverde</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Cowboys</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Jesse Palmer</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Giants</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=177>Jeff Blake</TD><TD width=107>UFA</TD><TD width=154>Eagles</TD><TD width=173></TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=177>Tim Hasselbeck</TD><TD width=107>ERFA</TD><TD width=154>Redskins </TD><TD width=173></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><!--END ADVPRINT -->
  2. osubartender23

    osubartender23 Purple Nurple King

    Here is my potential take on the Browns FA signings etc.


    Re-sign Holcomb if its cheap with an incentive laden contract if he becomes the starter.

    If Chargers tag Brees with the Franchise tag, and if Savage thinks that either Brees/Rivers is a better option then taking either Smith/Rodgers with the 3rd pick, maybe trade that pick for either Brees/Rivers and a future 3rd rounder.

    If Seattle doesn't tag Hasselbeck, go after him hard.


    Let Joaquin Gonzalez walk as a FA, and potentially Dawson too.

    Re-sign Kirk Chambers if it is for a near minimum contract

    Sign Brandon Gorin, or Kareem Mckenzie if the price is right.

    Or possibly Tra Thomas, if you dont mind spending 5 mill plus for an All pro tackle

    Trade the 3rd pick this year and a future 3rd round for Orlando Pace, if you think he has a few All Pro years left in him.


    Let Melvin Fowler walk: He is a Center and NOT a guard and with Faine filling the center role he will never start over him.

    Let Zukauskas walk too

    Take a shot at signing Joe Andruzzi, Casey Rabach, Rick Demulling or maybe a Jermaine Mayberry type.

    These are just my opinions and such but I think the Browns would be doing themselves justice if they did a few of them!
  3. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    My problem with evaluating free agents is lending too much into what they were in their day... vs what's left in the tank...
    oh.. I want to sign Chris Stewarts brother.. you can't teach 6'10 390... somebody can teach him how to maul people...
  4. IronBuckI

    IronBuckI Calmer than you are.

    Re-sign Kelly Holcomb. I would much rather see Brees than Hasselbeck. Unless we go with a west coast offense, I don't want to see a QB that hasn't been in anything but a west coast offense. I like Rodgers arm strength, intelligence, and the offense that he worked with in college. O-linemen can be developed rather than drafted high and being a bust. I don't see any Orlando Pace type linemen in this years draft, and would love to see the Browns go the free agent route with this position.

    I'd like Gonzalez to stay with the Browns as a guard, not as a tackle. He's not fast enough to not get owned everytime we face a fast DE. I like Thomas, Jones, and Pace(franchised by the Rams) as possibilities at the left tackle position. Verba could also move to guard or add some much needed depth to our very thin and bad o-line. Any of those three paired with Tucker would make a good bookend combo for us. The verdict is still out on whether Faine can stay healthy enough to be an effective center. I just don't know if Fowler's the answer either. It doesn't really help us with depth when Fowler can only play center. Especially if Faine does stay healthy.

    Summary. the Browns have way too many holes to fill with one draft. Especially a draft that's not very deep in the positions that we need....all of them. I think Savage and Crennel will work out a nice mix of rookies and veterans in this offseason. Let's hope that it translates to on field performance.
  5. WestEnd

    WestEnd look ma no shoelaces, and I'm down with the KIIING

    I'd really like to bring back Holcomb as well give him a couple year contract w/incentives and tell him it's his offense. But ...

    I think that's more or less what Holcomb is known for -- Being a career Arians guy who knows Arians offense inside and out.

    Either way, I still think he's good enough to manage a possession running game though.
  6. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    Walter Jones has resigned with Seattle..dammit

    LJ Shelton has asked permission for a trade out of Arizona and Cleveland is among the teams that have showed interest in him. I'm thinking it would take no more than a 3rd rounder to get Shelton.
  7. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    shelton has been plagued with injuries the last 2-3 years. he's a risk to say the least. savage and crennel arent in the business of giving away draft picks.
  8. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    You seem to know more than the Browns do, Steele. I'm merely posting what I've read, dude.
  9. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    register here. you'll get all the good scoop on the brownies.
  10. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    Browns are going after Cosey Coleman and Kareem McKenzie for the OL and Seth Payne for the NT position in the 3-4...and Troy Brown is being pursued.

    Anthony Henry is close to signing with Dallas.

    Oakland is talking to Cleveland about William Green.

    Seth Payne is in Cleveland as we speak...word is, 2 other FA's are there but their names are unconfirmed.
  11. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    Cosey Coleman is in clveland today for sure.

    if you go to the chargers scout page they have a front page article (it was yesterday), stating that SD is in love with Braylon Edwards and is willing to trade their 2 1st rounders to cleveland for their #3. I'd do that in a heartbeat.
  12. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    I wasn't sure if Coleman was there today or not. What a huge get that would be.

    2 first rounders to get Braylon Edwards? Good god I'd jump all over that. I would bet damn near anything that Edwards is a bust in the NFL or is on par with Amani Toomer which isn't saying much.

    If Clev can get 2 firsts for that pick and get 2-3 picks for Warren and Green, we'd be definitely going in the right direction.
  13. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    while just rumor, supposedly Joe Andruzzi was the 3rd player in cleveland today.
    it remains to be seen if SD actually makes the move, but i would jump on it.
  14. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    just confirmed, the 3 in Cleveland today are Andruzzi, Coleman, and Payne.
  15. Buckeye513

    Buckeye513 Stable Genius

    Jets' DT Jason Ferguson is now a Cowboy.
    I just heard on the radio that CB Ty Law is in Dallas right now and is expected to meet with Cowboys team doctors today. Of course this is a rumor though, but I wouldn't doubt it.
    Dallas is also close to signing CB Anthony Henry.

    Edit: reports that Dallas has just signed CB Anthony Henry.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2005

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