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Will Bryant
Staff member
vBulletin 3.0.0 is finally gold, which means it is now a full production release and no longer in a testing status.

The upgrade is going to take some time, I haven't decided when to do it yet. I'll probably need to take the site down a good 3-4 hours, as things like the front page, and the arcade, and vbXirc (our chat program) are all custom hacks that have been coded into the base vB software. Which is to say they'll all have to be edited back in.

When I do it, I'll be removing some of the Arcade games (Maeda Path, Pong, a few others perhaps) and adding a half dozen new titles that I've tested, and are all keepers.

I'll also be activating some new features. A duplicate thread checker that you might notice when creating threads, I think this will be a very handy edition when our traffic picks up this fall. Also, some new functionality that will allow for image galleries, and -- well, a handful of things that I'll detail in the FAQ should I ever get around to writing that.

I'll give some advance warning here when I decide when to try and kick the upgrade out.

{begin semi-personal ramblings}
Probably before Wednesday, which is when I expect the arrival of a new friend (Max). This isn't to 'replace' the old friend (Sebastian) (who is on the right of the right portion of the image, and jumping to bite at the water of the left), but rather to fill a void (felt most acutely perhaps by Chloe (left on the right, watching on the left)) created by his premature departure.

To people with pets, and I know I'm breaking off on a tangent here, get them off the foods with preservatives as soon as possible. It's beyond a casual likelihood that Sebastian's early exit was because of cancer brought on and accelerated by chemical preservatives that aren't legal for human consumption, but not regulated for animal food. My dogs have been on Iams and/or Eukanuba their entire lives, both are considered a high-quality food. But like the rest, they're loaded with preservatives. Foods you find bagged at the grocery store, and even pet supply stores, are generally even worse. You want something all-natural, with human-grade ingredients. I've switched to Eagle Pack, which is an all-natural, hypoallergenic, holistic pet food that actually tastes better, at the recommendation of both the kennel my dogs are from, and my local vet.

We've had a plush football around here for a long time. During football season, Sebastian would literally go get it, and hop up on the couch with us while we were watching the games. Never did figure out how he managed to figure out that was a logical association, but it's an odd facet of his behavior we'll miss this Fall. I got him the year I got out of the Corps ('93).
{end semi-personal ramblings}
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