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This space left intentionally blank

I haven't seen anything about "rules" for this board and I realize that's a big part of the point for this board existing, but as the season approaches...

Have you given any thought to policies regarding ticket sales/trading? This is somewhat a closed community right now so actual "Hey I got two tickets to X for $YYY each" posts aren't likely right now, but at some point they will probably start. Just wanted to know how you feel about that. Also, I'm all for active swapping of all things Buckeye... including tickets. Apparently this is a problem on another nameless board :roll2: , so again... just curious! :biggrin:
Not Clarity (obviously), hopefully he'll get back to you soon. But we;ve talked about some things, but I agree, we need a set of listed rules sooner rather than later. Just in case.
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So is me being here a rules violation?!??!

haha i'm just messin around and found your site and recognized the posters so I thought I'd say hi. Don't worry this will be my first and last post on this site because Bucknuts is enough for me... I just wanted you all to see i replied and flip out :)
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Looks like Bret found the site via the Bucknusts "other sites" link...

I think alot of folks will check this place out, now that the site is listed on BN... Funny how ya'll (sorry, the TT guys kept saying it, and it jumps into my vocab every now and then) jump down the kids throte.
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On a perfect board, rules wouldn't have to be defined. People would apply tact and reason to the things they say and do, and even when they slipped and/or got out of line a little bit, others could and would write that off to the insignificant (in the big picture) and natural events that they are.

No such thing as a perfect board though, and to be honest, even if I could have one, I'm not sure it would be any fun to visit.

That said, community standards rule. Want a rule? Throw it out there and see how people respond. Don't want another? Say as much and explain why as clearly as possible. I have no doubt that Hubs has a basic framework in mind, perhaps we can toss some ideas around and build on that.

As far as selling tickets and such, feel free. Unless someone can bring to light a counterpoint that I'm not seeing, I don't see how it's hurting anyone. But I do see how it can be a positive for people. Like anything else, excess can be a problem (endless floods of new "GOT 2 TIX 4 UW" for example), but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Perhaps a dedicated forum? Dunno. As with everything else, input appreciated, and frankly, expected.
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I remember awhile back there was a board ( which I can't remember ) had a forum for buying, selling and trading tickets. I personally thaught this was a good idea because at least once or twice a season I have a couple extra tickets for home games and I would much rather sell to a buckeye fan than take a chance that I could be selling to a scalper for the price of the ticket.
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