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an imbecility, a stupidity without name
It is just about that time. Tomorrow will be the longest day of the year. You guys are a welcome break from the..."interesting"... Sooner/Tiger fans that camp out on my board. I love to watch great defenses dominate games, and who has been better than the Bucks over the last couple years? Best of luck to you guys this season (pound Marshall for all of us), but please don't cover the spread against Cinci.
Fight ON!

Further proof that most of our preconceptions about other teams fans are manufactured from experience with a few dissident fans. Thanks for the well wishes methomps, in all honesty, I struggle with wishing a win on any elite team other than my Buckeyes...but opposing fans like you make it hard not to hope they have success.
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Thanks, thomps.

Although with all of our close games, it's usually very late before we can 'stick a fork' in our opponents. Interesting picture, though.
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