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Female Cops Worried About hair


I've always liked them
Cops ditch caps to save hair-dos

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BERLIN (Reuters) - [size=-1]Female police officers in Berlin have won the right to patrol without uniform caps after complaining their hairstyles were getting ruined. [/size]

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A new law coming into force in September will allow all women traffic police officers in Germany's capital to ditch the small blue flat cap that was giving them bad hair days.

"The women complained that the caps were hard to fasten and caused considerable problems with their hair-dos," Heinz Buschkowsky, the mayor of the Berlin district of Neukoelln, told Reuters on Wednesday. "We were sympathetic to their wish to get rid of it."

The woman can hang up their caps in exchange for baseball caps or choose to wear no headgear, he said, without commenting on whether the same rules would apply for men worried about their hair.

My brother is a Wooster, Ohio cop. He has no use for female officers period.
He said there's nothing better than being called to a domestic problem, getting in a wrestling match with a 275 lb guy and seeing your back up arrive and it's a 125 lb. woman.
It happened to him on a couple occasions and he said each time the female officer would attempt to get into the fight, the guy my brother was fighting with would simply toss her aside as if she was an annoying fly buzzing around him.
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