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Will Bryant
Staff member
I'm adding a field to user profiles that lets people indentify their favorite team. I know some people have mixed preferences and will be torn over which to pick, but I still think this might be a cool little addition, particularly in reference to visiting fans.

I'll have the freedom to import the team over to the 'profile' area of people's posts (with Location, post#, etc.) and might add another dimension to the board if and when there's a significant userbase.

If anyone has any feelings one way or another on this, let me know.
How do we input that info... just go into user profile...?

Since this is a buckeye board, I'll stick with "my team" vrs. where I graduated from (not that anybody cares, just figured I share my thoughts :) )
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In a little while the choice will show up to the left of your post along with Location, etc.

gbear, the funny thing about that is I was just getting some help with this from roy7 (a friend who has a tech clue), and he said the same thing.
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Thinking about it, I could add OSU/YSU, OSU/OU, OSU/UC as options as well. But I don't know how I feel about that. If I did, I think it would just be for Ohio Schools.

I mean, I follow Navy and Princeton to a lighter degree on top of OSU, but I'm not going to add those obviously. So the question is whether it's worth adding some of the Ohio schools (I think it might be with the number of people who went to them, but I'm not sure), and if so, which ones?
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I wouldn't do that... pick a team and stick with it (in my case I'm an OU grad, however I could careless how OU does in sports... I'm Buckeye all the way as far as sports are concerned. With that said I want the education at OU to continue to improve).

Remember outside of college I've basically lived in Columbus my whole life... I like OSU alot, however I needed to get out of the city for college, so OSU wasn't an option for college.

I've put OSU as my team... I think it will help to not confuse folks... one choice is fine in my book (if you choose to do the other route, that's fine too)....
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I agree. But I'll wait and see if there are any that can make a case in the other direction.

Also, do you all see a need for the month and year registered over on the left? Or no? I'm going back and forth on it.
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