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Favorite Sports Movie?


Long Live Mike Doss
Alright everyone, whats your favorite sports movie?

Mine has to be Slapshot. The hardest I've ever laughed was the first time I saw that movie, it's a classic. Rocky also is good, and Rudy might be my number 1 if I didn't hate the school it was about so much.
Slap Shot is one of my favorites...

"HEY! What are you guys doin'?"
"Fuc*in' machine took my quarter!"
"Who are you?"
"Reggie Dunlop, the coach. Grab your friggin' gear and let's get going."

"They brought their fuc*in' TOYS with them!"
"Better playing with their toys than playing with themselves!"
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My favorite Slapshot quote...

"You don't do that [high-sticking]. Oh no, never never. Against the rules. You know you stupid when you do that ... You do that, you go to the box, you know, two minutes by yourself. And you feel shame, you know. Then you get free."
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