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favorite game to watch this year?


Wut you guys think is going to be your favorite game to watch this year? Besides michigan of course. I think mine will the Purdue game I can still remember two years ago when we played them Brent Musberger screaming touchdown! touchdown! Remember? Man that was great hopefully we can do something similiar to that again :) Speaking of that anybody got a copy of the game they can send me if anything i just want to see about the last 5:00 minutes
After you by pass the obvious scUM

I will say Wisky. I just want us to clean up against them. They should be fairly good and it will be a big game, just because it will be the first real revenge game we will have had in two seasons.
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I'll go with grad21 and say NCST, for one real big reason. I remember during Bobby Carpenter's recruitment that over on BN his teammate "craigcorner" gave us constant up to the minute updates on what Bobby was up to.

On signing day, craigcorner stated how pissed off Bobby was when punk-ass Richard Washington played his little "musical hats" game, and finalized his decommittment to TOSU by signing with NCST. I hope that fire is still burning in Bobby as well as AJ and D'Andrea and all the other recruits of that year. I'd love to see any of those guys lay him out in a big way. Not hurt the little dickhead, but just give him something to think about the entire afternoon about coming across the middle.
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All of them, I think the big games to watch are all mentioned above. I would have to say that the NCst. game is probably the one, mainly because, it will be a day of many answered questions.
I think as long as Tressel and Alverez are still coaching against each other, Tressel will be challenged no matter how good we are. Alveez has outcoached/outfoxed Tressel twice in three years, no other big ten coach can say that against him.
Purdue will be huge....lets face it were getting very ripe against Purdue, away game, two great college football games lost by them both in the final moments....simply heart breakers, they want to beat us bad.
Cinci will be an interesting game to watch, Ive learned that old fella coaches can beat old fella friends if they know each other's tendencies.
And SCum, we will wipe from the BOTTum of our shoe
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