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Herbie for President

I looked over the fantacy league, and I noticed you started two players that had a bye... you won your game, however I figured you either aren't into the fantacy game or (more likely) you are under the weather...

Hope all is well, and getting better.
I was particularly sick this weekend. Meant to do it the night before and just passed out before I could. There was a mad scramble at 12:56pm on Sunday, but I gave priority to money leagues.

Was prepared to lose in the leagues I didn't get to. Don't know if I'm glad I didn't, or feel guilty about beating someone anyway. Heh.

Either way, I'm going to start setting rosters much sooner while I'm sick-sick and not normal-sick. Thanks for asking.
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Yeah, I am the one you beat Clarity. How in the world my team is the leading scoring team after week 2 and now I have 2 losses is beyond me. Just a crappy week by all the pretenders in the NFL. Oh well, what can you do right. On to next week and hopefully a better showing by some of the guys.
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