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Joe Blundo

Joe Blundo from The Columbus Dispatch here. I'm doing a story on Buckeye fans who have elaborate pregame rituals intended to bring the Buckeyes good luck. Buckeye Planet invited me to post a message here seeking people who'd like to talk about their superstitious Buckeye practices. For example, I've interviewed a guy who has been wearing the same shirt to games since 1974. What's your ritual? Reply to [email protected] by Aug. 25.
Well, I don't have a ritual for every game but I've got one for THE GAME. Three years ago my little brother got a Michigan pennant from one of his friends as a joke before THE GAME. Well, when I found out about this I proposed that we burn it. We all know now who came out on top that year and since then we have bunrned a Michigan pillow and a pair of Michigan socks exactly 24 hours before kickoff.
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i got a few dumb ones that arent worth emailing in.

1. always wear the jersey on saturdays....never wear it any other day
2. the jersey always gets a black hanger in the closet, along with all other osu apparel. no other shirts get black hangers
3. always play fight the team after a score and carmen ohio after a win (mp3 files)
4. chest bump with brother on a TD
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1. I throw away whatever I was wearing when they lose.
2. I eat the same cheesy sauce dip w/ nacho chips every saturday. brrp.

3. for THE GAME, I fly to chicago every year and watch the game at the same bar with the same people for the last 7 years.
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I don't know that mine is worth emailing either, but it's a fun little tradition so....every year, the Friday night before the miSHITgan game, myself and a lot of my friends all party at this "farm". It's actually an old christmas tree farm, and there is a large pond with an island. On this island, we burn shit. What do we burn, you ask? The answer is yes. You would be surprised at what actually burns on the island. Anyhoo, for the night before scUM, we always burn a bunch of couches, and a buttload of pallets. Oh yeah, and one other thing....we always burn the current scUM coach in effigy.
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Mine's not too elaborate either, but here it is.

I have an old Woody-style block O hat (probably 15 or 16 yrs old) and an Ohio State sweatshirt- the Champion "seconds" ones with the old-english style lettering that you could get at Long's really cheap (also about 15 yrs old). Anyway, I wear these pretty much every game day. If I'm home watching the game, I hang my red block O flag on the front of the house. I also cue up the TBDBITL CD to play "Across the Field" after every TD.
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I'm Possesed!

My ritual starts the Monday prior to the next game, I make sure I wear something scarlet & gray each day of the week. On Thursday I visit the local cigar store to purchase (4) Monte Cristo Cigars (w/red & silver band, I just hope they never run out) Saturday I wear a pair of lucky boxers my daugther got me for christmas in '01. I also wear the #45 jersey I have that has been signed by Archie at the Purdue game in '02. I always wear the same shoes, jeans & socks I wore the week before as long as they played good, if not I swith up alittle bit. I eat the same thing for lunch prior to the game. At the local establishment we have a reserved table for a group of guys that sit in the same seat each week. This has been going on for 3 years now. If someone cant be at the table or we are at the game no one sits in those seats thanks to the owner. We've got them convinced if this stuff is altered that the buckeyes will lose. Here is proof, for my lunch before I always have A double cheeseburger, gizzards & a dew, well last year before the game with that team up north I went to order my usual lunch and they ran out of gizzards and we all know the outcome of that game. As far as the Wisconsin game I was unable to get to lunch before the game (honey do list) and need I say more. I tried to tell my wife but she didnt believe me.
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On all home games we go to:
1.) Put in burnt Buckeye TBDBITL cd and listen to it until we get to the Polaris exit on I-71 (2hr 15min).

2.)Eat at Waffle House in Polaris.

3.)Put on 1460 and listen to pre-game on the way to the stadium.

4.) Park, then walk to Skull Session

5.) Go to Stadium.

6.) Take seats
7.) Exchange high 5's with anyone in the vicinity after TD's.
8.) Take pic of final scoreboard.
9.) Collect plastic Buckeye beer cups to use for away games.
10.) Listen to post game show until we lose reception.
11.) Stop at Steak and Shake in Mansfield.
12.) Stop at Chasers in The Country (gentlemans club) for entertainment
and to watch the Sat. night ESPN game.
13.) Go home.

It's the same order every single week, unless I take my wife, in which case we skip #11. :wink2:
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My wife is very gracious for the most part, but she has been asking to throw away the boxers that I have worn for every game since my daughter got them for me. They are in pretty bad shape really, but I'm afraid to let her for obviuos reasons. They are so bad though that I could be going Tarzan and still wouldnt notice.
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Through the years, Ive had many rituals that have come and gone. During the 2002 season, I had a certain area/seat on my couch, I would only sit in if we needed a big play, and yes you can bet my big ass was sitting there on that 4th and one against Purdue, at least till Jenkins caught the ball then it was pure pandamona running around the house.
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1. Wear corresponding jersey only on the day of the game (scarlet for home, white for away)

2. Play a series of pool with my dad the morning of the game

3. Put scarlet and grey laces in my shoes

4. Watch games that I don't attend with my dad and grandfather
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Often, I wear a gray suit to work with scarlet tie on Friday even though it's casual Friday (I don't too often go the casual route, regardless).

My computer leading up to the games will have "beatmiami" or whomever we're playing as my login password.

I can drink up to 20 beers during a game just to calm my nerves. The second half can feature a lot of running back in from the bathroom from commercials.

I'm extremely loud the whole game and it doesn't matter who's with me.
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