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Fall fundraiser thanks


Will Bryant
Staff member
Thanks again to everyone who contributed, sent over feedback, suggestions, offers to help, etc. etc. I still owe a couple people PMs and I will be getting to that as soon as possible.

The drive brought in $1,380.39, which is a hair under 1/2 our short term expenses. I consider that a definite success, every little bit helps. The highest contribution was $200, the lowest $0.39 (lol, both are appreciated). 39 people contributed, 2 of those were fans from other programs.

Anyway, thanks again to all. I don't have an ETA on the stats engine, we hit a snag with a techinical aspect of game data entry (related to the need to be able to enter play-by-play level data on some games, just scores on others, but still have the system appreciate how those two play off of one another when it comes time to generate results.) Hopefully (almost assuredly) within the next few weeks we'll have it online, but my availability will play a role in that.

The pick'em module is done and online, just needs to be touched up a bit, then populated with game data.

But all of the above is a little taste of where this money goes.