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F Jim Jackson (All B1G, 2x B1G POY, All-American, OSU HOF, CBB HOF)

That is too bad.

I used to work at the rec center in college and he and the guys would come in to play pick up and he was always very nice back then, not sure about now but still wish him luck, he will definitely need it in NO.
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The guy has averaged 15.2 ppg over his 12 year NBA career. You would think that he should have been able to find a team that actually wanted him. Maybe he isn't the great "team player" that I always thought he was. I remember that Jackson and Jason Kidd got into a "squabble" when they both played for Dallas.


Just curious, did he ever graduate from OSU?
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UpNorthBuckeye said:
sucks! I thought he was going to have a longer term in Houston...
I live near Toledo, and he is still a god there, and everyone has been proud of the job he was doing this year. Oh well, that's bizness!
yeah JJ's pretty much all we've got...that and Cara from that Road Rules Pacific Islands :cool: ..even though i couldn't stand her.

anywya i think it's a credit to JJ that so many teams see the value in him and will trade for him despite this record of never staying put anywhere. he's a solid, consistent player and you can't have all superstars on your team...every team needs a JJtype player too....plus atleast he gets to live in some nice weather cities...
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a nice litlle blurb about jj
1. Jim Jackson, Phoenix Suns
After refusing to report to New Orleans following his trade from the Rockets, JJ finally got his wish and was shipped to the Pacific-leading Suns last Friday. Jackson did look a bit rusty in his first game with just 2 points and 5 fouls in 17 minutes. But last night in MSG, the former Ohio State Buckeye was on point with the rest of his teammates, totaling 17 points on 6-8 shooting in a 133-118 victory. Seems like a beneficial deal for both parties with the Suns receiving a quality veteran to come off their bench (Walter McCarty's next) and JJ getting to play for a contender down the stretch.
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JJ has bounced around the league for a factor other than skills. His contracts have always been short and easy to move for the bad teams on which he has played, so he is often included in trades when the bad teams try to get some youth or picks. Teams like Portland, Sacramento, and Houston pick him up in order to try for playoff runs that season, but he isn't really in their long-term plans. I was surprised that Houston had him on their roster to start the season based on how he's always been treated!

Phoenix, like Sacramento, is a good fit for him, and hopefully he has great success in their playoff run this season. He's one of the all-time greats in HS and OSU history, and he's still an entertaining baller.
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JJ is getting some run with Quentin Richardson hurt for the Suns. Should be nice to see if he can play on a team that finally makes it past the conference finals.

25 points on 7 threes, with 6 rebounds on 4/11 against the Lakers. 35 minutes.

20 points, 7-9 shooting, 6 threes, 8 rebounds on 4/13 against the Hornets. 43 minutes.

He'll get 25 or 30 minutes a game in the playoffs.
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