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Woody wore Sambas
Has anyone on BP ever been on a jury? If so, what happened?

I was on a jury once-misdemeanor child abuse. A dad got into a knockdown, roll around on the ground scuffle w/ his teenage son over the son smoking weed, and because the son was under 18, the guy was arrested for child abuse. Since they were both rolling around on the ground, and the cops broke up the fight before anything really happened, we found the guy not guilty. Of course, for a week before the jury selection I told everyone I saw "I wanna send someone to the chair!".
My sister was just on a case where a lady went to the dentist with an absess on the upper part of her gums. When he removed it, a nerve was cut in the process and eventually part of her face went numb. She filed a suit for pain and suffering in cunjunction with a suit by her husband for a reduction in "wifely duties". After several expert witnesses confirmed that the dentist did everything "by the book" and correctly for the symptoms, and it was also discovered that the husband had recently been cheating on his wife (before the surgery) the jury found unanimously in favor of the defense.
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I was panel member (jury member) on a Courts Martial about five years ago. We were trying a Technical Sergeant charged with defrauding the government of over $20,000. What had happened was our base had a small flood in a portion of base housing. This guy's house ended up getting water up to about a foot deep on the first floor (two-story dwelling). He ended up claiming not only all his furniture on the first floor (living room and dining room), he claimed shit like a microwave oven (what the hell is that doing on the floor?), pewter candle holders (pewter doesn't corrode just by short-term exposure to water), his DC collection (you can wipe off the CDs), and various other crap. But the big thing was that his replacement furniture for which he was claiming reimbursement cost over $24,000, when his "damaged" furniture was worth only $7,000. How did we know his "old" stuff was worth $7,000? Because that's what he bought it for after another flood in the same house three years prior. After the first flood, he was offered to move to another housing unit at no cost, but he refused. When his First Sergeant (who arranged the free move for him) asked him why he didn't want to move, he replied, "That's OK...if I get flooded again I'll just get all new stuff at government expense".

Our panel eventually found him not guilty, 7-2, because he had a friend and ex-coworker, who happened to be at his HQ equivalent position, testify that it was legal to purchase items that far above the normal replacement cost in cases of emergency, and that his HQ office had deemed it an emergency to get his "back on his feet and a sense of normalcy as soon as possible" and told him he could do so. This is despite the fact that the Air Force was putting him and his family up at one of the better hotels in the area at no cost. By the way, I was one of the 2 that said guilty...the fucker scammed taxpayers big time and got away with it because he had a buddy in a HQ position that had his back, and the 7 other panel members were too naive to see through it.
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