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Euro 2004 - Portugal vs. Greece

For some reason, I felt the need to bet on Euro 2004. Since
I'm now bottomed out, I sure hope you consider the idea of a 500 bump to start football season.

:bow: :bow: :bow:

:boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
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Hubbard said:
Now I know why I don't gamble in real life. 0/3 :sick1:
You're not kidding. I originally asked to bet on this match, and then chickened out. I just couldn't decide.

Portugal: World Cup winning manager, highly talented, playing in their home nation, but with a reputation for underachieving and having lost to Greece once already in the tournament.

Greece: A good value, having already beaten Portugal and having a quality manager in their own right. A winning strategy, but seemingly being very lucky, playing in a hostile environment, tired after the extra-time win with one day less rest, and having no notably talented players to speak of.

This is why I don't bet on sports much. I can never make up my frickin' mind.
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