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Will Bryant
Staff member
So far I've seen that the Eagles are interested, but would want to dictate salary, not the other way around.

As Eddie info/news comes up, I hope people will post it here. It's going to be interesting to see where he goes.

Despite growing up in the DC/Northern VA area and having old ties to the Redskins, I would *really* like to see him go to Dallas. I see that as the ideal place for him right now.
Well, the Cowboys website is talking about Eddie, anyway.

I think he'd work well in Parcells' offense, but the Raiders would probably annoint him the starter...not sure if the Cowboys would.

The Eagles are his hometown team, but they had a crowded backfield a year ago, and replacing Duce Staley with Eddie seems like it would re-create the mess they had a year ago. I can't see it, but I'm not Andy Reid, either.

buckeyebri said:
I think he stays a Titan....
He probably should, but at this point in his career, Eddie needs to go where the money is, and that probably won't be Tennessee.

I'm a Cowboys fan, but I gotta admit, I'd like to see Eddie play his career with one team. Seeing Dorsett in a Broncos uniform and Emmitt in a Cardinals uniform still creeps me out...
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Never believe anything said by an agent or a team exec or owner during a negotiation. They're all blowing smoke. To paraphrase Mortensen (I think it was...), Eddie George will remain a Titan because Eddie wants to remain a Titan and vice versa. He'll take a pay cut no matter what happens, but it's likely that he'd get more money from the Titans in a restructured deal than he would on the open market as a cap casualty.
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I want to see Eddie stay a Titan. Right now it seems like he is going to end up a Cowboy or Raider, which i really can't stand either of them. But he would help out both their offenses, and everyone knows he is going to be productive. I want to see him stay a Titan and maybe turn a few heads as he ends his career.

But, with Chris Brown on their roster, Robert Holcombe, and 3 Rookie Running backs, i think this is the end for Eddie in Tennessee just because they don't have enough cash to give him. But, hopefully they can strike a even playing field so that both sides are happy, and Eddie remains a Titan.
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George, Titans on hold


Titans running back Eddie George was married over the weekend and leaves this week for his honeymoon in Italy.

Titans GM Floyd Reese is scheduled to return from vacation next week.

Regarding his contract negotiations with the Titans, George wants his agent and Reese to meet in the middle. The veteran's future with the team continues to hang in the balance.

''At some point and time we're going to have to make a decision on something,'' George said yesterday. ''My agent and I have sat down and talked and we know a certain point where we're going to go to and if that doesn't happen then we'll just see what happens.

''When Floyd gets back we'll start talking and give it one last go-around and see what we can come up with.''

The Titans have asked George to trim his scheduled base salary of $4.25 million for 2004 to around $1.5 million, and the team doesn't appear willing to budge from that offer. George hopes some of the pay cut can be made up in incentives.

The Titans paid George a $1 million roster bonus in March. If he doesn't agree to a restructured contract, he could be cut.

''I really don't want to go into the first week of training camp in this situation,'' George said. ''I think it is time to get something resolved here.''

Earlier George said he wanted the matter resolved before his wedding. Yesterday he indicated he'd like to have things wrapped up by early July. Training camp begins July 30.

''I don't have a set date in my mind,'' he said. ''I am still in limbo right now, but I am confident something will get done here … It is just a situation where they are asking me to do a favor for them and work something out and that is where we're at right now. I am still under contract. I am not asking for more money. It is still the same contract I signed a few years ago.''

Wedding bells: George married Tamara Johnson of the singing group Sisters with Voices on Sunday in New Jersey.

Samari Rolle was in the wedding party. Keith Bulluck, Brad Hopkins, Lance Schulters and running backs coach Sherman Smith were also in attendance.

Also on hand were Steelers running back Jerome Bettis, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and Cowboys defensive end Marcellus Wiley.

''I thought I was going to faint walking down the aisle. It is right there with the Super Bowl, man,'' George said. ''It was a great day, a beautiful day. My family was there, there was love in the air. It was everything I envisioned.''
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