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Will Bryant
Staff member
Darrion Scott (who got talked up big before the game), Tim Anderson, Ben Hartsock and Craig Krenzel. All started, all getting some good camera time.

Thing is, I'm distracted from that by my overwhelming hope that a meteor falls out of the sky and crushes Mark May.

It was nice to see Craig start at QB over Casey Clausen and Rod Ruthorford, and come out and throw a couple really nice looking passes. Just wish the ball hadn't popped out when he scrambled.

Both our DLmen (how cool is it that we're half their DL?) look good. Haven't had a chance to see much of Big Ben yet.

What's funny to me was that I was just thinking about the Hula Bowl, and I wonder how bad the boards will go off if JT runs like some crazy spread super-offense out there. lol.


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Mark May is such a tool. Someone needs to throw him into McCovy cove.

Anderson has had a good game so far, he had a nice stop on 3rd and short. I think Rutherford was looking for Hartsock a few times but didn't have time to get it to him.

Our guys are representing the University well.

You gotta love Parry from San Jose Sate.... the kid is such an inspiration.
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EW Shrine

May was more of a buffoon than usual, but at least a good natured one. He had to be, given how rediculous he looked, and the ribbing he took.I loved that the coaches ignored him.
That was the worst I have seen Craig appear in some while. Other than the first 3-4 plays, and one or two short passes, nothing was working right. I hope he didn't ruin any chances he had before the scouts & GMs.
The three linemen were workmenlike, but rarely made a big play. I expected the two D guys to be a little more of a force on pass rush.
Start of a bad OSU day for me: East loses, badly; Rams & Orlando/Pickett lose dramatically; Titans & Eddie lose. Someone pointed out to me that Pats have Vrabel and Johnson, but I haven't been interested in them since Katz stopped playing.
Go Bucks!
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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Tech Admin
  • RLC65: Got to add Jeff Wilkens to that list, at least for me personally. Although he's not a Buckeye, he is from my high school (Austintown Fitch) and played at my home town university (Youngstown State). He hit his first five FGs (including one from 51 yards) and ended about a yard short on the game-winning 53-yarder. He had played a fantastic game, including that great on-sides kick he recovered himself. I feel for the man...
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