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Dan Patrick had Stuart Scott and some other clown on his show they were pkcing the tourney when this was said.

Dibbs: Who you got winning it?
SS: Illinois, nobody can beat them!
DP: Ohio State can...

classic, maybe its i dont like stuart scott, but everytime he gets put in his place i love it.
I listen to Mike & Mike, Colin Cowherd, Spielman and Dan Patrick every day...I think they are all good. I'm not going out of my way to support ESPN, but 1460 deserves our love.

Anyway, all of those shows seem fair an balanced. Cowherd actually tends to lean TOWARDS tOSU quite a bit. He likes to bash Alabama. Dan Patrick doesn't care who's feathers he ruffles and it's cool how he just keeps pushing people's buttons. It was a better show when Dibbs was on though.
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