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Donovan "LLL" PeopLLLes-Jones (WR Cleveland Browns)


Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats
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Detroit (MI) Cass Tech

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 170 lbs

Free Scout - Buckeye Offer Makes Peoples-Jones' Day

Detroit Cass Tech (Mich.) is a school Ohio State has had some success at with Vernon Gholston and then Damon Webb in last year's class. The Buckeyes have started early with some of the school's best now, extended the first offer to freshman receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones, nicknamed "The Freak" for his athleticism.



The other offer was to 2017 athlete Donovan Peoples-Jones. Like Onwenu, it was Donovan's first offer, but he's also drawn interest from Michigan and Michigan State in the very early stages thus far. Donovan has made his mark at the wide receiver position so far in his first year of high school ball and at 6'1, should grow into even more of a dangerous receiver as he matures.
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Could Donovan Peoples Jones Be the Next Michigan Star at OSU
Michigan was good to Ohio State in the 2014 recruiting class. Ohio State landed one of the best corner backs in the nation in Damon Webb from Cass Tech in Michigan. Ohio State is hoping to continue that trend with class of 2017 WR Donovan Peoples Jones. Jones already has a couple of offers from North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State and Miami and other schools have been showing interest such as Michigan, Michigan State, Tennessee, and Penn State. Ohio State has really been recruiting him hard he tells me and he is very interested in Ohio State.

Donovan Peoples Jones already has an Ohio State offer.

“They have a great program all around,” Jones said of why he likes Ohio State. “They have a great tradition and I have a good relationship with all of the coaches. I also want to major in a medicine field and I love the medicine school at Ohio State.”

Jones told me that he knows he wants to study medicine but is not sure which specific part of medicine. The medicine school has a big appeal to Jones and it shows how much effort he puts into academics by considering the academic side of things. He has been to Ohio State before and got a chance to get a better feel for the overall feel in Columbus. He got to check out the facilities and be in on the position meetings. He had many good things to say about Ohio State’s facilities. “The indoor field was pretty nice,” Jones said of the facilities. “The weight room was also state-of-the-art.”

As for the rest of the Summer, he is going to camps at Tennessee, Penn State, and Ohio State for Friday Night Lights. He has been busy this summer with camps and visits to many different schools across the nation. I asked him what Damon Webb has told him about the recruiting process and Damon has been talking to him a lot. “Damon is telling me to keep working hard and that if I continue everything is going to fall into place.” Donovan is very excited for the season. His recruitment is just getting started and I think he is going to get more and more offers. He already has an impressive offer list but it is only going to get bigger. It can only help that Damon Webb is at Ohio State for Jones’ recruitment as I am sure Damon Webb is going to try and bring him here. Jones is very talented and he going to be one of the top WR’s in the nation for the 2017 class. He is a recruit that every recruiting fan should follow.
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