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DL Simon Fraser (Official Thread)

Simon Fraiser, is sick.

I will say that he will be a monster this year, or if he is not it is because he getting double teamed.

If he is not taken in the first two rounds of next years NFL Draft, someone is getting a steal.
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Simon is an incredible athlete and makes a lot of plays against the run, but he needs to step up his pass rushing-I think he only had 1 or 2 sacks last year. He definitely deserves to be on the watch list, but as of right now would have to be considered a bigtime darkhorse.
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Simon Fraser on Bronko Nagurski Watch List

The Football Writers Association of America has released the watch list for 2 of it's national football awards. Simon Fraser made the Nagurski watch list, no Buckeye made the Outland watch list.

The Nagurski award is for the best defensive player at any position. The Outland trophy is for the best interior lineman, either offense or defense.

Bronko Nagurski Watch List

Outland Trophy Watch List
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