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DL Darrion Scott (official thread)


w/ new buddy Randy Moss signing autographs for kids :)



Highlight reel

Defensive end Darrion Scott registered two highlight-caliber plays during today's afternoon practice. On one play, Scott was able to knock down a Brad Johnson pass at the line of scrimmage. Just two plays later, Scott broke through the offensive line and made a play on running back Mewelde Moore in the backfield.
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Scott thinks starting job is his
Defensive end feels slighted by demotion
Pioneer Press
Article Last Updated: 06/02/2007 12:21:58 AM CDT

The Vikings disappointed defensive end Darrion Scott by offering him the lowest tender earlier this offseason.

Last week, Scott was offended again when they informed him that he was no longer a starter.

"Obviously, I feel I should be starting, given the season that I had," said Scott, who led the team with 5.5 sacks last season. "But I can't control it.

"I've been told that the job is open for whoever is performing well in practices and what not. Hopefully, I can win what I think should be my job."

With Kenechi Udeze on the left side, Ray Edwards started on the right Friday morning. In the afternoon, Scott got reps with the starters.

Asked how he felt when he learned of the news last week, Scott said, "I felt it was wrong.

"Your play should be based on production, and I felt I had that over the other ends," he said. "I feel like, if you play better than anyone else at your position, it's your job to lose. I think that's how it works in most organizations. But we're here in Minnesota. And this is the way they run things. So all I can do is practice and see what happens."

Later, Scott reiterated that he isn't taking any of this personally and hopes to remain here long term.

"I'm in Minnesota, and this is where I want to be," he said.

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This is shaping up as a make-or-break season for Udeze, a former No. 1 draft choice whose three-year NFL career has been marred by injuries and a 2006 season with no sacks.

Back on the left side, where he feels most comfortable, Udeze probably has one last chance to fulfill the promise that led the Vikings to make him the 20th selection of the 2004 draft.

First he must beat out Scott, who had 13 starts and 5? sacks last season and made clear at the June minicamp that he was not happy about being bumped to No. 2 on the depth chart.

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Scott still in mix for starting defensive end spot with Vikings
The Associated Press - Monday, August 06, 2007


The Minnesota Vikings drafted defensive ends in the first round in both 2004 and 2005. Darrion Scott has outperformed both of them.

Kenechi Udeze and Erasmus James have yet to fulfill their potential, partly because of knee injuries. Scott became the fill-in starter for both of them - when Udeze got hurt in 2005 and then when James went down in 2006.

The team's third-round pick out of Ohio State in 2004, Scott had 9 1/2 sacks while playing in all 32 games over the past two seasons. Though Udeze has the higher profile and bigger contract, Scott is competing with him to win the starting job at left end at training camp this year. The Vikings have frequently substituted defensive linemen to keep them fresh in recent seasons, so Scott will certainly be a regular in that rotation.

"Every year is competition," Scott said. "Being a third-round pick, I don't feel like I'm guaranteed anything. I feel like with my play I might be guaranteed a job, but our coach's philosophy is to have guys come in and compete every year. Competition only makes one another better, so I'm looking forward to it."

Scott was disappointed when, as a restricted free agent over the winter, the Vikings extended him the minimum offer - an $850,000 tender for his original draft round which left him without any options. That has provided some added motivation for a better contract for 2008 and beyond - wherever that might be.

"There's no reason to gripe about anything," Scott said. "It's behind me, and I hope to have a good season."

· West Central Tribune ·
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Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier essentially crowned Kenechi Udeze the starter at left end for the season opener. Asked if he was still trying to decide between Darrion Scott and Udeze as the starter, Frazier said, ?If you look at our roster, Kenechi Udeze is the guy. I don?t see that changing between now and Sept. 9.? But it?s not like Scott won?t see time in the rotation.

Access Vikings: ? Blog Archive ? Udeze the man, Siskowic home
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Vikings: Defensive lineman Scott breaks foot, is out for year
By Judd Zulgad and Kevin Seifert, Star Tribune staff writers

Last update: October 09, 2007 ? 11:09 PM

Veteran Darrion Scott became the third Vikings defensive lineman in as many years to have his season end early when he was placed on injured reserve Tuesday, a day after breaking his left foot in practice.
Scott, who led the Vikings with 5? sacks in 2006, is expected to require surgery to have a pin inserted in his foot.

"We are all disappointed that he's suffered this injury," said Tim DiPiero, who serves as Scott's agent. "He was really looking forward to being a big part of the defense this year."

A third-round draft choice out of Ohio State in 2004, Scott has played left end and tackle in three-plus seasons with the Vikings. He spent the majority of his time this year playing inside during passing situations; he did not have a sack.

Media members did not see Scott suffer the injury because it came during the closed portion of practice, but afterward, Scott was seen using crutches in the locker room. He had been on the field at the team's indoor facility in Winter Park at the beginning of the session as the Vikings returned after five days off for their bye week.

Scott, who will be an unrestricted free agent after the season, started 15 games in 2005 and 13 in 2006. Both times he began the year as a backup but moved into a starting role at defensive end, helping replace the injured Kenechi Udeze in '05 and Erasmus James in '06. Udeze's season was ended because of a knee injury in the third game and James suffered a knee injury in the second.

Vikings: Defensive lineman Scott breaks foot, is out for year
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December 27, 2007

NFL player, ex-Capital star busted in Charleston

Darrion Scott, a defensive end for the Minnesota Vikings and former Capital High School standout, was cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana Wednesday afternoon in Charleston.

Scott did not cooperate with officers and was rude when they asked to search his vehicle after they noticed the odor of burnt marijuana, according to Lt. Chuck Carpenter, head of the Metro Drug Unit.

?He asked the officers, ?Don?t you know who I am??? Carpenter said. ?They cut him a break by not placing him in handcuffs.?

Scott was released at the scene. He is charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and failure to signal.

The Charleston Gazette - News
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