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DE Ryan Williams (official thread)


Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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Ryan Williams
Mission Viejo (CA)
Height: 6-foot-5
Weight: 235 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.8 seconds
GPA: 3.2

Had 70 tackles, six quarterback sacks and two fumble recoveries. He ran a 4.73 40 at a USC lineman camp. Described as a rangy pass rusher with a good motor by his coach. Schools recruiting Williams include most of the Pac 10, Pac 10 along with Notre Dame, Colorado, LSU, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Boston College Illinois and Ohio State. Early on he favored USC but now lists Ohio State and Oklahoma as his two favorites.

Williams was born in Ohio and has family here. He was a Buckeye fan growing up but currently likes USC. He plans on making a decision before his senior season and expects Ohio State to offer soon. He camped in Columbus last summer and ran a 4.68 40. He already has offers from Oklahoma and Colorado. Williams is teammates with another Buckeye recruit, QB Mark Sanchez.
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Per latest Rivals Update....

Williams has Ohio State & Oklahoma on top. He also includes Washington, Washington State, Oregon, USC, & Colorado. Only Oklahoma & Colorado have offered from the group.

When asked about Ohio State, Williams said that he was born in Washington Court House and still has a lot of family there. He's impressed with our program, facilities and coaches. He has been in touch with Heacock and Fickell.

He also has lived in Oklahoma and syas that the Sooners have a really good defense.

He says that we are his favorite.
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Newest Commitment could be...

We could get a commitment very soon. The word is that (DE) - Ryan Williams (of Mission Viejo High School in California) is wanting to commit very soon and get everything over with. He has offers from Oklahoma and Colorado. He almost (very close) has offers from USC and Ohio State, and could get those very very soon! He will not go to Colorado or USC (as of now). It's either Ohio State (his true favorite) or Oklahoma for Ryan Williams. Williams is being visited later today by Coach Heacock. If Ohio State offers him today (or shorly after) the visit with Williams, then Williams will commit to Ohio State. If Ohio State does not offer in a matter of days after the Heacock visit, then Williams will commit to Oklahoma. The family (and Ryan himself) want Ohio State to offer. That is their overall #1 choice, and would commit to Ohio State pretty much as soon as possible if he gets that offer. This message (same interpretation) was also confirmed by another poster on the Rivals Ohio State message board (free board over there). Ryan Williams is compared somewhat to Simon Fraser. He has ran a 40 time as fast as 4.7, and he is around 6'5" and 240 lbs.

Getting Ryan Williams would be huge. He is on the same team, and is almost best friends with their quarterback, Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is probably a Top 5 QB nationally, and could be the best overall QB in California (the king of states nationwide for top notch quarterbacks). He would be the biggest out of state QB we would have ever gotten at Ohio State, possibly ever! If we offer and get Ryan Williams, we may be in the driver's seat for getting Sanchez. Both Mark and his family like Ohio State very much. If we offer Mark, we will enter his Top 3 immediately, and could have the inside track with Ryan Williams as our ace.

Getting these two, to go with Boone and O'neal, would automatically give us a Top 10 class, even with a smaller class. Adding Maurice Wells would top it all off.

Here is the dream class so far...

QB - Mark Sanchez (possibly replacing Bauserman, as he most likely chooses his first love, baseball)
RB - Maurice Wells (as the speed back of the class)
RB - Shaun Otis or Jason Gwaltney (as the power back of the class)
TE - Kazeem Alli
WR - Selwyn Lymon
WR - Derrick Williams (became good friends with Ted Ginn Jr. last year at a camp)
WR - Talonnie Russell
OL - Alex Boone
OL - Jim Cordle
OL - Eugene Monroe or Dace Richardson (or Dan Doehring)
DT - Todd Denlinger
DE - Melvin Alaeze or Doug Worthington
DE - Ryan Williams
MLB - Brian Cushing
OLB - Rico McCoy
OLB/S - Freddie Lennix
CB - Jamario O'neal
CB/ATH - Mikell Simpson
CB/S - Eric Sledge
S - Adam Myers-White
K - Aaron Pettrey
Multple ATH - Alex Daniels (can play Big TB, FB, OLB, etc.)

We have 19-20 scholarships now, as I doubt Irizzary, Guilford, and Olds will be back. 19 if Hiley is back, 20 if Hiley is not back (grade trouble). If we can open up a couple of more, we could get 22 on signing day, and get my dream class.

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See my post about Ryan Williams. If offered, he will be a Buckeye soon.

Our next 4-5 commitments could be from...

DE - Ryan Williams (CA)
RB - Shaun Otis (CA) (Also interested in Ohio State, we are recruiting him the hardest. Supposed to visit this summer, could commit then)
DT - Todd Denlinger
S - Adam Myers-White
ATH - Alex Daniels

If this were to happen, as projected, then we could be more selective on the defensive line. If we end up with (DT) Todd Denlinger and (DE) Ryan Williams, then Ohio State can get really selective with their other (DE) choice. I have heard they want one defensive tackle and two defensive ends in this class. If it were a bigger class they would take two defensive tackles, but they are already deep at defensive tackle (Marcus Green, Quinn Pitcock, Joel Penton, David Patterson, Sian Cotton, Brandon Maupin, Nader Abdallah). None of those guys are seniors, and all of them but Green will be back for the 2006 season even.

If we end up with Shaun Otis, we may pull the offer from Jason Gwaltney (as our big tailback in this class), or keep the offer on the table for Gwaltney as a fullback. OSU loves Otis and Gwaltney as power backs. Otis is really up to about 210-215 lbs. in real weight as of now, and has the perfect frame to eventually be 225-230 lbs. as a big powerful workhorse type of back. He reminds Ohio State of a slimmer version of Maurice Clarett with his running style, but Otis can certainly bulk up to at least 225 lbs. with his great frame.
Gwaltney is up to about 230 almost in his exact weight, and is strongly considering Ohio State now (even though he has verballed to West Virginia). The staff is pursuing both players really hard along with Maurice Wells. Those are the top 3 backs they are after at the moment.

Plan on OSU getting one or two of (Wells, Otis, and Gwaltney) in this recruiting class once it's all over with. Hopefully two including Wells.
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I'd be cautious about posters named "Buster". Mr. Hairston, could you tell us a bit more about yourself, and how you have such info? It seems to go far beyond what is in the Kurelic article. Thanks in advance.
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LordJeffBuck said:
I'd be cautious about posters named "Buster". Mr. Hairston, could you tell us a bit more about yourself, and how you have such info? It seems to go far beyond what is in the Kurelic article. Thanks in advance.

Buster Hairston? Kinda reminds me of Marilyn Manson :lol:
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