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I've always liked them
My CPU is locking up going back and forth between programs like firefox, IM, Win Amp, etc. It doesn't seem to have any pattern as to when it happens. To get everything going I have to ctrl alt delete and then everthing works fine. I don't have to end any processes just bring up the Task Manager Screen. I've run spy bot, adaware, and run three diffrent virus scans (Norton, Trend Micro Housecall, and Pandasoft). I thought the problem might be related to seeding from bit torrents since it popped up after I installed a bit torrent program. However after uninstalling the Bit Torrent program, it's still doing it.
Low memory can cause lots of intermitent problems.

Low memory can cause some problems.. but when you are talking about the system freezing until something causes it to move on, like the task manager coming up.. generally it's something other than memory.. because the task manager would not cause it to come up..

If you are looking at a hardware cause to this, it's more like to point towards the motherboard or CPU.. but that's strictly if it's a hardware issue, and the system is fairly or moderately old.. generally problems like this are caused by a registry problem, or even a faulty installation of windows, possibly caused by a corrupt file. I'd be more inclined, if he runs WindowsXP or 2000, to run a repair of Windows.

Of course, with everything that is run, and the things we do not know about what is running at the time these events occur.. it could be hundreds of things at this point.
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I've got 2.02 Ghz Pentium 4 processor, 512 DDR ram, 2 120 Gigs hard drives, P4 Titan 533 Motherboard with an SIS 645 chipset, and an NVIDA TNT M64 video card. My case has a 300 Watt Power supply and I bought the system in December 2002. I've got Windows XP with service pack 2. I ran tweak now registery cleaner every now and again to clean up my registry. I never had this problem till I downloaded BiTornado and started getting some movies. I ran the 3 diffrent virus scans, and they didn't come up with anything.

Also, now I'm having trouble dragging icons. I can only cut and paste.
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Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478 533FSB - 64Watts
nVidia GeForce 4 MX Series - 30 Watts
Two sticks DDR Memory - 20 Watts
2 Hard Drives (25W each) - 50 Watts
DVD-Rom Drive - 25 Watts
CD-RW Drive - 20 Watts
Motherboard - 25 Watts
Floppy Drive - 5 Watts
Keyboard & Mouse - 3 Watts
CPU Fan - 3 Watts

Total - 245 Watts

Now, if your system is only consisting of these parts, the 300 Watt Power Supply should be fine. If you have added more than that, such as a TV Tuner card, USB Hubs, etc.. USB Devices, then you are adding to that figure.

EDIT: Extra case fans will add 3 Watt a piece as well.

Also, your problem could be caused by a # of things. Video Card, Power Supply, Windows Installation.. I've seen all those things cause your problems..
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