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I've always liked them
Something really sinister happened to my computer today. Somehow some really nasty spyware or adaware got on to my computer today. I tried to use adaware and spybot search and destroy to get it off but it's not working. The spyware or adaware changed my homepage, changed my desktop wallpaper, took google toolbar off of browser, and everytime I try to do anything my computer is loaded with full page pop ups.

My explorer homepage got changed to: C:\WINDOWS\secure.html and I keep getting directed to www.smart-security.info everytime I try to use a program on my CPU.

What I can do to get rid of all this?
Not sure but that sounds like that virus/worm/trojan horse that was making the rounds last week that apparently was hijacking computers. From what I read they suggested updating your virus definitions and also visiting Microsoft for possible fixes. Don't know if this is much help but thought I would mention it.
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