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Columbus Wild Dogs (IFL)


Anyone have any interest at all? I've followed the first three games live on afl.com and I'm looking forward to watching them on NBC tomorrow.

Seems like we have a decent team but turnovers killed us last week. Turnovers hurt even more in the AFL than the outdoor game. Seems like you need to put 7 on the board every drive or else you're likely to lose. And it looks like we'll have a different starting QB this week. Any thoughts?
They signed a few but none are still with the team. Vance signed with New Orleans, Germany and Locke were cut and Damon Moore quit (injury, I believe).That doesn't seem to have hurt them at the gate. They're expecting another sellout tomorrow.
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Winter ball at it's best

I agree, Last season was a blast. They should be much better next season and they have enough people in place to at least contend for a playoff spot. I'm planning on going from 2 tickets to 3. ( one for my 12 year old son )
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McMullen the Destroyer
Former OSU backup ready for chance to start in Arena League
Sports Writer

Accomplished quarterback ï Here's a look at some of the achievements Columbus Destroyers quarterback Scott McMullen has compiled throughout his career: ï Led Granville High School to a perfect 10-0 season in 1998. ï Member of Ohio State's 2002 National Championship Team. ï Started in two games in 2003 for Ohio State, and led a comeback victory against Penn State. ï Signed with the Columbus Destroyers of the Arena Football League, where he'll play for former Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman.

GRANVILLE -- At Ohio State, many regarded Scott McMullen as the content backup quarterback.

Since McMullen signed Friday with the Columbus Destroyers, that mentality appears to have disappeared.

"I'm definitely going to be looking for the starting job," he said. "This is a business. Hopefully, what I learned from the (Philadelphia) Eagles' experience, I can take and turn this into a better situation.

"These guys are going to be out there trying to support their families. I'm going to be going out there to compete."

The competition certainly will be stiff.

The Destroyers have three other quarterbacks, including last year's starter, Ryan Vena. Still, Destroyers coach Chris Spielman always liked McMullen as a Buckeye and was impressed with the quarterback's invite-only tryout in August.

"Scott McMullen has tremendous size for a quarterback and an extremely quick release, which should make him well-suited for the Arena Football League," Spielman said in a statement.

McMullen, who will wear the No. 16 he sported as all-Ohioan at Granville, isn't very experienced in Arena-style football, but he's looking forward to the opportunity.

"It's kinda like backyard football," McMullen said. "It's a quick game, and hopefully, I can make the adjustment to it. We'll probably start throwing in a couple weeks, maybe three days a week."

For now, McMullen continues to focus on his duties as Granville's quarterback coach. He's worked there since the summer.

"I'm not going to miss (Granville's) practices or anything," he said.

After going undrafted out of college, the Philadelphia Eagles signed McMullen to a free-agent contract, but, because of NFL rules, cut him and signed Jeff Blake while he completed his studies at Ohio State.

The Destroyers also signed former Buckeyes Bobby Olive and Bobby Britton, who played with McMullen.
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</TD></TR><TR><TD>COLUMBUS, OH – The Columbus Destroyers of the Arena Football League released quarterback Chad Salisbury Tuesday, paving the way for Matt D’Orazio to make his first-career start at quarterback when the Destroyers host the Chicago Rush Saturday night at Nationwide Arena.

Salisbury joined the Destroyers as a free agent this past offseason, eventually winning the starting job at the conclusion of training camp. In two starts this season, Salisbury completed 33-of-63 passes for 380 yards and five touchdowns with four interceptions.

D’Orazio, a former Otterbein QB and product of DeSales High School, will make his first-career start Saturday after serving as a reserve quarterback for the Destroyers the past two seasons. Prior to joining the Destroyers, D’Orazio quarterbacked the af2’s Rochester Brigade where he threw for 3,372 yards and 51 touchdowns, finishing sixth in the league in total offense with 3,704 yards.

In addition, the Destroyers have agreed to terms with quarterback Ryan Vena who will be in uniform for Saturday’s game with Chicago. Vena was Columbus’ starting QB last season before being waived during the final week of training camp. In 14 games a season ago, Vena threw for 3,076 yards and 57 touchdowns.

In other personnel moves, the Destroyers waived wide receiver/linebacker D.J. Humphries and traded lineman Carey Clayton to the Nashville Kats in exchange for defensive specialist Art Smith. Smith (6-0, 200, Northeastern) opened the season on Nashville’s other league exempt list (NFL-Green Bay Packers).

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Salisbury was horrid! I went to the first game, and watched the second game on TV and I swear I was wondering how this guy even made the team. If he was the best option at QB available, then it looks like this is going to be a REALLY long season for the Destroyers.
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