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College Premium Sites?


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There are a lot of choices out there when considering a pay-for-access site. I don't want to buy something that isn't worth the money. Could a few users rate these pay sites (ie Rivals.com, Scout.com) so the rest of us don't get ripped off?
I pay for Bucknuts.com year round. I like their magazine and I like the fact that you get mostly full access to every site on the network. I get to read and post on the Browns insider's board, as well as the Cavs and Tribe, which is great. It's a great deal overall. Their info isn't impeccable, but it's solid, and the premium boards aren't bad at all.

Rivals, I think has too many interviews that say nothing at all. I like how Bucknuts interviews players, in general -- I think they do a nice job of having players talk a bit more about their decision making process, and not just what school they are picking. However, sometimes, the gurus are too slanted from every side. The Tennesee Scout guys have never ever said they won't be getting a player, and the Bucknuts guys are often a bit too optimistic. I also like reading Bill Conley's chats, they're very informative, if not a bit angry towards OSU.

Rivals, I get from December - February every year to watch the videos. Their videos are far more superior in number and in quality, and I think the 30 or so bucks I pay is worth it for late coverage. Chris Nida is a tireless worker (and also a former classmate of mine), and Mark Rea and Kurelic do a decent job. They rarely break anything huge on BSB, but the whole network is nice. I like their ratings a bit more than I do Scout's.

Frankly, I like Scout a bit better but not just because of their recruiting coverage. However, my suggestion is to try them both when they have free weeks and see which one you like better.
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This is the most reliable and best information bar none.

On a separate note, I want everyone to know that I just got banned from my first pay site. The Domers told me I was not welcome back. Something about questioning their record if they were in the MAC.
Mom would be so proud....:biggrin:
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As mentioned already, its a quantity vs. quality issue. Rivals will bury you with updates, but they are often re-treads from various sites. Insiders has better interviews IMo but they are not as quick on the recent news as Rivals. As for BSB vs. Bucknuts, both have decent sources. However, I have yet to find an "insider" that matches Dave Biddle on BN. His articles are very thorough and contain great information beyond the usual recruit interview material.
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I pay for Bucknuts primarily for Duane Long and I like an article every now and then. Captains Corner during the season is worth reading IMO. I have no beef with Helwagen, but he rarely says anything worth reading. And let's not get into when Housteau went over there. BSB (Rivals) has the BEST video library out there. They have no real "guru" now, Kurelic took a major blow and they don't seem to have many inside sources either. I read Bucknuts one message board and go to Rivals for any prospect info.
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I pay for bucknuts and read the insiders board but don't post on it. There are a few threads here and there that are worth reading that aren't too whiny. By the time I'd post something there are so many readers that my point has usually been conveyed by that time, so I don't ever really feel that compelled to post.

I get all the rivals updates for free on my phone from Nextel.

I don't get that into the videos because random videos, to me, can be taken out of any context but that's probably just me. It is nice to get a look at the kid and just size him up.
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Good time as any for my 1st post

I've been a long time member of both Rivals and Bucknuts. Savante "Hit the nail on the head" regarding both sites.

I really enjoy Gary H. and Duane's insight on the recruits and the recruiting effort. Yes, they both have a very "Optimistic" approach. But isn't that what we want to hear? Gary and Duane aren't afraid to take a risk or answer the tough question. I like that! Yes, They're wrong time to time but they give you want you want. On the other hand, Kruelic (on Rivals) will always play the middle. If I had a quarter for everytime Kruelic would respond to a poster " I believe OSU has a 50/50 chance on getting recruit X" I'd have a enough money for free year subscription for both Rivals and Bucknuts.

Articles on both sites are very good. Mark Rea (Rivals) and Gary H (Bucknuts) have written some excellent articles. I also enjoy reading the inside scoop on OSU recruiting from Bill Conley (Bucknuts).

If I had to choose between the two Bucknuts overall is the better site.
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