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College GameDay at Ohio State vs scUM State..


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"Are the games really that bad this weekend?"

Yes, yes they are. Personally, I would've picked the ND - Tennessee game, but CBS is broadcasting it, so ESPN/ABC won't want to hype it. Anyway, here's the lineup for Saturday:

Duke at #13 Florida State
#18 Virginia Tech at North Carolina
Columbia at Harvard
Massachusetts at Northeastern
Ohio State at Michigan State
Georgia Tech at N.C. State
Pittsburgh at Syracuse
New Hampshire at Rhode Island
Northwestern at Penn State
#5 Georgia at Kentucky
Lehigh at Georgetown
Marist at Holy Cross
Kansas State at Missouri
Yale at Brown
SE Louisiana at Jacksonville
Savannah State at Coast Carolina
Lafayette at Colgate
Arkansas at South Carolina
Temple at #12 West Virginia
Pennsylvania at Princeton
Dartmouth at Cornell
Western Michigan at Bowling Green
Towson at Richmond
St. Peter's at Iona
Air Force at Army
Fordham at Bucknell
Stony Brook at Central Conn.
Upper Iowa at Drake
Duquesne at La Salle
Sacred Heart at Monmouth (N.J.)
Charleston WV at Morehead State
Morgan State at Norfolk State
Wagner at St. Francis (PA)
Eastern Kentucky at Tenn. Martin
Liberty at VMI
Villanova at William & Mary
Delaware at James Madison
Northern Iowa at Indiana State
Kent State at Buffalo
Allen at Char. Southern
Colorado at Kansas
Albany at Robert Morris
Howard at South Carolina St
Gardner Webb at Wofford
Nebraska at Iowa State
Georgia Southern at Furman
Florida at Vanderbilt
Hofstra at Maine
Indiana at Illinois
Elon University at Appalachian St.
Davidson at Austin Peay
Bethune Cookman at Hampton
Alcorn State at Miss. Valley St.
Western Kentucky at SMS
Baylor at Texas Tech
UT-Chattanooga at The Citadel
Butler at Valparaiso
Northern Arizona at Montana
Southern Utah at Northern Colorado
Youngstown State at Western Illinois
Southern Illinois at Illinois State
Alabama State at Grambling
Cincinnati at #21 Southern Miss
Fresno State at Rice
San Diego State at BYU
Prairie View at Ark Pine Bluff
McNeese State at Sam Houston St.
Tulsa at SMU
Augustana SD at South Dakota St
Eastern Illinois at Tennessee Tech
North Dakota St at Weber State
#2 Oklahoma at #22 Texas A&M
Minnesota at #4 Wisconsin
Oregon at #6 California
Notre Dame at #11 Tennessee
Maryland at #13 Virginia
Purdue at #20 Iowa
Rutgers at #25 Boston College
Washington State at UCLA
Arizona at Washington
Fla Atlantic at Troy
Ohio at Central Florida
Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan
Samford at Jacksonville St.
Arkansas State at Idaho
East Carolina at Houston
Alabama A&M at Jackson State
Texas State at Northwestern St.
Cal Poly at Eastern Wash.
Stanford at #23 Arizona State
Mississippi St. at Alabama
Idaho State at Portland State
#19 Oklahoma State at #7 Texas
Wyoming at UNLV
Navy at Tulane
Montana State at Sacramento State
Utah State at Louisiana Monroe
Stephen F. Austin at Nicholls State
Clemson at #10 Miami
SE Missouri State at Tennessee State
Middle Tenn. St. at New Mexico State
San Jose State at Nevada
Colorado State at #8 Utah
#1 USC at Oregon State
Dayton at San Diego
Louisiana Tech at Hawaii
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Wanna make $14 the hard way?
I agree about the Oklahoma - A&M game being the best choice for this weekend, but they were just in Oklahoma St this past weekend for the Oklahoma - OKSt game this past weekend. I don't think they like to do back to back games with same team involved. Just my personal thoughts.
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