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College Football Right Meow: Week 9

Discussion in 'College Football' started by jlb1705, Oct 29, 2015.

By jlb1705 on Oct 29, 2015 at 2:08 PM
  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    This weekend is Halloween. There are plenty of scary and spooky things around, not the least of which are the state of me and Poobert's picks. The overall standings haven't really changed that much in the past several weeks - I've been hovering just inside the top ten in the standings and Poobert has been in the lower 20s - still ahead of several people.

    The scariest thing of all this on Saturday won't be ghouls or goblins or monsters though - it's the fact that the Buckeyes aren't playing. That means we'll have some extra time this weekend that we won't know how to spend. That's a dangerous thing for cat people, and it's especially dangerous for cat people who blog about their cats (or whatever it is you would call this.)

    The temptation for Halloween would be to dress the cats up. I'm sure some would suggest it as an idea for this week's post or want to see the funny pictures that might result from such a thing. The cats would have none of that though. One is too mean and the other is too scared for us to do it. So there will be no cats in Halloween costumes. Instead, keeping with the Halloween theme, I want to share some of the things that the cats think are scary.

    Here are the things Maya is afraid of:
    • brooms
    • nothing else - don't fuck with her
    Things Poobert is afraid of:
    • heights
    • the vacuum (known by name as BIG SCARY)
    • thunderstorms (and now by extension, the weather radio that goes off in advance of a storm)
    • contractors & repairmen
    • the outdoors (unless he's watching it through a window or on TV)
    • the ice dispenser in the fridge
    • aluminum foil
    • being picked up
    • Maya on drugs
    • new houses
    • riding in cars
    • himself, when he gets a new collar
    • being dressed up in cat clothes
    • missing breakfast
    • missing dinner
    • this week's Virginia Tech - Boston College game
    • my sister
    • the basement
    • hair dryers
    • my wife, when she yells during Ohio State games
    It's a pretty long list. There are probably some other things I'm not thinking of. He's a wuss, and he scares easily. With that many fears, he must feel like he lives in a haunted house, with scary stuff happening around him all of the time.

    Poobert encounters a spooky ghost trapped inside the front door.

    When my wife and I got our first apartment together, we were moving her things in a borrowed van and had Poobert in a soft-sided carrier on the floor between the two front seats. On the way to our new place my she said that it had started to smell like chicken soup in the van. It was not chicken soup. Poobert had thoroughly wet himself. It was the first of what has turned out to be many times that he has done this. It occurs most often when he goes to the vet. When he gets scared, he starts making chicken soup.

    This week's picks:

    Illinois (+5.5) at Penn State[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mississippi (-7.5) at Auburn[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Virginia Tech (-2.5) at Boston College[​IMG] [​IMG]
    USC (-6.0) at Cal[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Georgia (+3.0) vs. Florida[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Texas (-6.5) at Iowa State[​IMG] [​IMG]
    M*ch*g*n (-14.0) at Minnesota[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Vanderbilt (+11.5) at Houston[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Notre Dame (-9.5) at Temple[​IMG] [​IMG]
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Discussion in 'College Football' started by jlb1705, Oct 29, 2015.

    1. cincibuck
      Ha! I had a bad week. Upsets. Who tol the utes to fall apart... at home!?! An why did I think aTm was semi-for real? Anyway, I still got 4 outa 7 and Poohead had to pull a couple of dingle berries outa his dairy aire to get 3. I be up seven jus in the las 3 weeks. And scared? Well yeah, I mean the vacuum cleaner is a known kitten eater and Mr. Rake. That sum bitch got them long springy toofs and when my owner scrapes it on the garage floor - cause I won't go into the house when he wants me to - it makes the fillings in my teef itch. Thas sum bad stuff.

      But enuff about me - ha as if there was ever enuff about me -
      1. The ghost of Red Grain returning? At Joe's place. Hun uh, n don't drop the soap, Red unless you wanna end up at Second Mile. Lions.

      2. Ol' Piss n Vinger is tough to figures out, but then so is All Barn. I like them rebels this time.

      3. BC only plays one or two good games a year. This ain't one of them. Gobblers

      4. Them trojans - first they drunk, then they sober, then they fall apart - then they pull together - they still better than the sturdy golden bear. Condoms by two scores.

      5. An who knows squat about them gators? I likes 'em better than the usual medicul mergency system named jor jaw. Gators.

      6. Two teams dun playing way over they heads dis year. Tex ass and Mush e gan. The ghost of Bevo take care of the cyclones...

      7. the ghost of Tom Harmon gonna be totin' the lill brown jug home. Maize an blue.

      8. They ain't gonna be shoutin' SEC,SEC, SEC down in Neshvill - nope them cougars for reel.

      9. Oh, how I'd purr if them owls could do the world a second BIG faver this season, but it ain't happenin'. Irish I had me some cat nip 'bout now. ND

      Thas a rap fur this week. Omniscient Oscar

      PS, an jus where is this running total space you keep yammerin' bout? I looked all over this site and don't see no Meow totuls no where. You shame 'cause I'm kickin' Poo heads be hine?

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Oct 30, 2015
    2. matcar
      EJC says y'all suck.

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