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College Football Right Meow: Week 12

Discussion in 'College Football' started by jlb1705, Nov 19, 2015.

By jlb1705 on Nov 19, 2015 at 8:23 PM
  1. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    We are in the midst of the stretch run of the college football season. For the Buckeyes, that means the biggest games are at hand and the stakes are as high as can be. We are also in the stretch run of BP's Pick'em contest on Yahoo and for some the stakes are also very high.

    There won't be any funny, cutesy cat stories this week. Just cold hard facts. @cincibuck has been clamoring for updated standings, so that's what this week's post will be about.

    First of all, I went back and tabulated the results from the featured picks for each week all the way back to the beginning of the season. I'm happy to report that I'm not losing to Poobert. When I started this thing I was fully prepared to make a complete ass of myself and get beat by him regularly. Through eleven weeks though, having featured picks for 99 games each in this column, I have managed to pick 54.5 correctly while he has only been correct for 44. The half-correct represents a push - there have been a few of those throughout the season so far.

    On one hand, it's kind of depressing to think that I've only managed to be one pick better per week (on average) than a housecat. On the other hand, 10.5 is a pretty significant margin for this point in the season, and I'd have to commit an all-timer of a choke job to relinquish my advantage.

    The other angle that we can look at this from is the overall standings from the Pick'em group. In that group, I currently sit at 5th while Poobert is 22nd out of 47. That's a little misleading though. Yahoo's standings are a simply gross points total - they don't give a way to sort by number of correct picks per week, so participants who forget to submit or run into some other kind of snafu really get punished with no way to make up for it. Once you take out the participants below Poobert in the standings who posted a score of zero in at least one week, we can effectively say that Poobert is placed 22nd out of 26.

    That begs the question, who are the unlucky four who are losing to Poobert? Who are the ones whose college football knowledge is so dubious that they are losing to a slightly dimwitted cat? What are their names? They must be known, so we can call them out and shame them!

    @Bestbuck36, @LostLassie, @brodybuck21 & @WoodyWorshiper... come on down!

    There is time yet remaining for things to turn around, but we're getting down to crunch time. The question is: will you all play for pride, or will you commit pick'em seppuku and skip a week? Time will tell. The eyes of the internet are upon you.

    This week's picks:

    Memphis (-1.5) at Temple[​IMG] [​IMG]
    M*ch*g*n (-4.0) at Penn State[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Northwestern (+10.0) at Wisconsin[​IMG] [​IMG]
    USC (+4.5) at Oregon[​IMG] [​IMG]
    LSU (+4.0) at Mississippi[​IMG] [​IMG]
    UCLA (+2.0) at Utah[​IMG] [​IMG]
    Baylor (pk) at Oklahoma State[​IMG] [​IMG]
    TCU (pk) at Oklahoma[​IMG] [​IMG]
    California (+11.0) at Stanford[​IMG] [​IMG]
    M*ch*g*n State (+13.0) at Ohio State[​IMG] [​IMG]
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Discussion in 'College Football' started by jlb1705, Nov 19, 2015.

    1. cincibuck
      Cutesy? I took all your kibbels. I mocked you. I called you out. Nothing. I took another tack, sympathy. I assumed your owner was frying your brain with bad catnip - feline Oxycontin - it couldn't be an observant fellow cat making all those ridiculous picks. But no. You went on - as you have this week, I might add - to pick like a cat who has lost his dignity. So we've come to end my friend and though it pains me to open up another can of whoop ass on you, for the honor and dignity of the feline world I must once more don the guise of Oscar the Omniscient and tell the world how it's going to be - my owner is reading over my shoulder as I type this and is grumbling about that last line and suggesting that it sounds a bit like Garner Ted Armstrong. Sometimes he carries on like he's got litter in his boxers.

      Attached Files:

    2. matcar
      I took the overall lead. My dust. Eat it.
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    3. Saw31
      Poobert is right on my ass and it is starting to bum me out. A very real chance to lose to a fucking cat. I had a big lead over him a couple weeks ago but I've shit the bed several weeks in a row. But as I sit here feeling sorry for myself and considering pick 'em seppuku, I am reminded of the great Sam Elliott quote from We Were Soldiers...

      "Saw31, Poobert is a pussy. You ain't."

      Bring it Poobert! :pissed:
    4. LostLassie
      That's fine. Glad I can amuse you.

      But, please...It isn't about "football knowledge" (which I've never claimed to have, anyway.)
      I put every bit as much effort and thought into this contest as your cat does. Exactly as much.
    5. cincibuck
      You say there's a list. You list those below the level of Poobert. People post as if they've seen said list, but I see no list and I see no link.
    6. LostLassie
      It's the Buckeye Planet Yahoo Pick 'Em rankings.
    7. cincibuck
      Right! So let's go there and see what we've got:

      Search Results for Query: Buckeye Planet Yahoo Pick 'em
      Search Again
      1. [​IMG]
        College Football Right Meow: Week 12
        It's the Buckeye Planet Yahoo Pick 'Em rankings.
        Post by: LostLassie, Today at 6:49 PM in forum: College Football
      2. [​IMG]
        Pick em challenge
        Yahoo sports has a pick em challenge for CFB. Let's have a board battle. Buckeye planet vs our canes board on vle sports. Should be fun. What do...
        Post by: bigbluebazooka, Aug 3, 2010 in forum: College Football
      Well, gee that was pretty exciting. Haven't seen much of ol' Gatorubet for a while.

      Is this some sort of insider joke?
    8. LostLassie
    9. Saw31
      1 ejc 201 201-149
      2 TampaBuckeyes 199 199-151
      3 Hot Assets 197 197-153
      4 BuckeyeFrank 193 193-157
      5 HawkSpielman 190 190-160
      6 Buckeyefan_1 189 189-161
      7 AUTX Buckeye's Horrible Picks 189 189-161
      8 MD Buckeye 187 187-163
      9 mattynokes 187 187-163
      10 jlb1705 187 187-163
      11 Snappy_Jay 187 187-163
      12 Wadcutter 182 182-168
      13 HarryDangler 182 182-168
      14 LitlBuck 180 180-170
      15 buckeyboy 179 179-171
      16 Saw31 178 178-172
      17 Wingate's Warriors 177 177-173
      18 matttank 175 175-175
      19 Woodrow 174 174-176
      20 Brodybuck21 173 173-177
      21 LongwoodBuck 173 173-177
      22 LostLassie 172 172-178
      23 poobert 171 171-179
      24 Sgt Brutus 169 169-181
      25 jackson77 166 166-184
      26 gmen6981 166 166-184
      27 LovelandBuckeye 165 165-185
      28 BestBuck36 159 159-191
      29 WoodyWorshiper 158 158-192
      30 abenaki 158 158-192
      31 AuburnBuckeye 158 158-192
      32 Smudger 149 149-201
      33 Buckeye 144 144-206
      34 Drubuck 121 121-229
      35 colobuck79 117 117-233
      36 Osuphan 102 102-248
      37 hdcolumbus 93 93-257
      38 BuckeyeNation27 74 74-276
      39 bassplayer7770 71 71-279
      40 southcampus 70 70-280
      41 Ignatius J. Reilly 62 62-288
      42 Eddie George Costanza 55 55-295
      43 youngbuck9 44 44-306
      44 TDunk 32 32-318
      45 Rolled Tide 19 19-331
      46 TankdaleJones 1 1-349
      47 my2sons 0 0-350

      That's the Yahoo Pick 'Em rankings. If you didn't sign up at the beginning of the season, then you're not in the rankings.

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