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Clerk Fooled by $200 Bill


It's time to bring it!
Link. Too funny when you read about the serial number.

Clerk fooled by $200 bill with President Bush's picture
GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) — State police aren't laughing about the person who allegedly passed some funny money — a $200 bill with President Bush's picture on it — at a women's clothing store.
Police on Wednesday charged Deborah Trautwine, 51, with theft by deception, for allegedly passing a bogus $200 bill at the Fashion Bug store in Hempfield Plaza on Aug. 22. There is no such denomination, even without Bush's picture on it.

Police said they didn't know how the clerk was taken in by the ruse, even though several other things about the bill should have been a dead giveaway.

Among other things, the bill had a hokey serial number — DUBYA4U2001 — and didn't bear the signature of the secretary of the treasury. Instead, the bill was "signed" by Ronald Reagan, whose title was "Political Mentor" and by Bush's father, who is listed as "Campaign Advisor and Mentor."

The back of the bill was even goofier.
It depicted the White House with several signs erected on the lawn, including those reading "We Like Broccoli" and "USA Deserves A Tax Cut."

Trautwine's mother said she wasn't immediately available for comment Wednesday and declined to provide her work telephone number.
I think they should have let the lady keep the clothes and make the clerk pay for them. How stupid can a person be and make it that far in life? I would expect them to die in some stupidity induced accident by then.
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