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Chris Webber (time-out)

He's had plenty of basketball success (despite the "no TOs" debacle), and he gets to nail Tyra Banks whenever he wants. How could I possibly feel sorry for the guy? Besides - KG earned that win. I used to be a little down on the guy, and while I do feel that his recent success has been facilitated by the addition of talent to that team, I think this is the real Garnett emerging. I really can't wait for LA/MIN. Go T'Wolves. Fo' real.
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I really really feel sorry for him.....

So So sorry....

I wouldn't wish his life on my worst enemy....
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PHILADELPHIA -- The next time Chris Webber suits up for an NBA game, it likely won't be as a 76er.


[SIZE=-2]Webber[/SIZE]Webber appears on his way out of Philadelphia as the team prepares to finalize details of a contract buyout that, according to the Philadelphia Daily News, could be completed as soon as Wednesday.
The reported deal would provide the 76ers with some salary cap and luxury tax relief and comes on the heels of the trade that sent guard Allen Iverson to the Denver Nuggets for Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two first-round picks. Webber was expected to travel with the Sixers for Wednesday night's game in New York.


So what happens to Webber if he can sign with anyone? Down to Miami or back to Michigan?
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