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Chris Perry getting up slowly...


Will Bryant
Staff member
According to his comments in a chat on ESPN, Chris Perry has said that his getting up slowly after each play and acting all gimpy was an act to mess with the defense.

I don't know about anyone else, but I just found it pathetic then, and worse now that I know that it was just a ploy.

I still respect the kid and what he's gone through and overcome, but good lord, leave the acting to Hollywood. I've got far more respect for a player who jumps up after a tough hit, then one who has to play up the drama.

I think there were definitely moments when he did, but at least there was a bona fide injury to go along with the antics. More importantly, it wasn't a non-stop deal. Perry did it every single play it seemed. In our game, in a few others. Clarett was animated in all phases, Perry just seems to be an actor. A cheesy actor.

But no question I have a double standard. Were I a Michigan fan, I'd probably convince myself that it's not as obnoxious as it is.

But Clarett, Brown, Perry -- I just think it's lame. But that's me.
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