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Chat room - need guinea pigs


Will Bryant
Staff member
With more people stopping in regularly, I want to post this link again (my original one has disappeared and had to nose around on the server to find the old URL) and encourage people to test this little program out.

If we like it, and if it can hold up when there are 10-20 people talking at once, it's a keeper. If not...


I know it works with one or two people. We should figure out a time to get a bunch of us in there at once and see if it works.

Ultimately, it's a superior platform to chat packages used elsewhere, because those with Mirc, etc. can connect directly to the true IRC server instead of using the web interface. But this is still nice as far as web interfaces go, because there's nothing to download, nothing to authorize, etc.
I will join in if available. Just post the start time.

Just out of curiosity, it sounds like a lot of folks are coming and going tomorrow around 5:00. Isn't that the middle of the football game?
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Nutty - I was going by the posting times - which I now notice are several hours advanced from EST (zulu?).

If that is the case may I request we avoid terms such as 'tomorrow' and 'this afternoon' when scheduling chats.

(Reminds me of the old Columbus Doo Dah parages - the parade was always on the 4th of July, buy the rain date was the 3rd.)
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