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Chat during the Spring Game


Staff member
May 12, 2003
Hubbard, OH
I am sure many of you won't make it to the game tomorrow like me so I was thinking we could all get in the chat room try that out a bit. I will be in there and I encourage anyone who is around to join me. The link is at the top bar right between the Calendar and the Arcade (which many of you know). I hope we can get some good discussions going (Who is gonna win the QB battle? Zwith? Smick?). I am sure we can give some real-time updates whiel we are in there as well for all you OOSers.
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hipster doofus
Mar 7, 2004
Cincinnati, O-HI-O
That's cool. I've been wanting to give the chat a try sometime, but there's never been anybody in there when I've thought to check it. If I'm around my computer then, I'll be sure to stop in. I'll likely end up at the bar though, cursing the next dumb move the Browns make in the draft.:hatepc: With any luck, they'll have ONN or Channel 10 on a few of the TVs there.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
May 11, 2003
Dublin, OH
rhammersmith said:
It said "failed to connect to: (can't remember web address)".

The next line said "Try another server".

Hmm, I'll have to figure out a way to have it try other servers.

I'll also link to the back-up HTML-based chat interface we have from the chat pages.

And finally, anyone with Mirc (or any other true IRC program) can connect directly to the server.

Glad we tried this today though. I'd rather try and figure out how to make it better now than once the season starts.
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