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chances of winning a national championship?

Assuming 10 means it is a sure thing, and 1 means we have as good of chance as Troy State I would say we are 8. I don't think you could say we should be a favorite, but I think that our schedule works out pretty good for us, and we have the talent and coachingto do it.
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I like 9... based on our schedule. The real challange will be scUM as usual... NC State, Marshall and Purdue will put up a fight. But we will have to play our best game if we win out and head to Miami. Not playing Miami, FSU, OU, USC or LSU... then I'll give it a 9.
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The seniors left some huge holes to fill not only on the depth chart but also in terms leadership. I haven't seen anything to lead me to believe that anyone has picked up those reins yet.

I think our defense has the potential to be one of the best defenses in the country but breaking in a new QB behind a new OL with some new weapons on O grounds my hopes for a NC.
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I'm going with an eight although my heart is trying to make a case for a seven. Zwick holds the key. I am making some big assumptions, but I think our D is strong and consistent and our O-line will come through. I also am starting to get a better feeling about our running game, partly because Ross is a senior and partly because I think Haw and Pittman can play.


  • Roy Hall needs to be what we are hoping for.
  • Someone needs to step up as the punter.
  • Someone needs to replace Irazarry.
  • Bollman needs to prove he is where he's supposed to be.
  • Holmes needs to stay healthy.
  • Schaefer or Downing need to play like something other than weak links.
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I'd have to say an 8.25. We are breaking in some key players, which can be a negative, but so are the rest of the major teams in the conference, so we have as good a shot as anyone to put a run together in the league this year.
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I'm going way out on the limb and saying we will win (or at least split) the NC this year. My reasoning is that I remember looking at the schedule before the 2002 season, without ever having seen MoC play, thinking we could win it, and being afraid to say it. I think by the end of the year our defense will be every bit as good as any in my lifetime and the offense will be better overall than 2002. For what it's worth, there you have it...
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