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Herbie for President
We are in the market for new carpet in the basement. We aren't down there too often, it is a light traffic area, we don't want to spend too much (I know, "too much" is subjective)...

I've been told to stay with nylon...

Some say go mid level carpet and pad... others say go mid level to slightly lower level carpet with high end pad.

Anybody have anything to add? Any good spots to shop? Any place to stay away? Any place that will negotiate?

Help... need to have this done in short order...

Thanks in advance...
I am getting my basement done and my contractor recommended GGC Wholesale Carpet on E Main if you are in CBus. Hasn't been installed yet but he beat everyone's price and the contractor has been dead on with everything else he has told me.

We are going with an inexpensive berber that is running about $2.00 per foot installed with medium grade pad.
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My advice is to go with Oh8cH's advice. I did this exact same thing three years ago when we moved into our house. There should be plenty of Wholesalers in C-Bus who will work you a good cash deal. Up here in NEO, I used a place called "Buddy's Carpet." It's one of those obnoxious type places that have cheesy commercials about blowout sales and unbeatable prices. But, damn if they weren't true. I have two uncles who have been in the carpet business for 45 years and they couldn't touch his numbers.

Do the cheap berber with medium grade pad. We did ours kids playroom which was 210 square feet and my "Buckeye Room" which was 336 square feet for $1,000.00 cash. It came out to $1.83/square foot and the carpet is great for what we needed it for. It doesn't show dirt and wears well.

Good Luck!!!
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Thanks guys... keep the suggestions coming... we have cats so berber doesn't work (the cats pull up the "loops" and when a run begins, you cannot control it... part of the reason we have to replace the old stuff)...
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gbearbuck said:
Thanks guys... keep the suggestions coming... we have cats so berber doesn't work (the cats pull up the "loops" and when a run begins, you cannot control it... part of the reason we have to replace the old stuff)...
Guy I had lay carpet for us said they don't hardly make Berber anymore b/c it can't be stretched.
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Since you are doing it in your basement, I would upgrade to a higher grade pad with a moisture barrier in it. We shopped around a ton for our basement, and it ended up that Home Depot was the cheapest. They were running a special with free pad and installation. I had to pay a small amount to upgrade to the moisture barrier pad, but it still was cheaper than anywhere else.
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Thanks all... we placed the order last night... as usual the basement turned intot eh basement, stairs and first floor :( ... my wife wonders why I want in on all money choices...

We got a "good" (I think if I didn't have her at my side it could have been "great") deal on the carpet and instal. A mid level pad was suggested(we went in with the intent of a high end pad and the salesman actually sold us away from it... basically said the mid level pad was verygood and the extra was a waste of money. He also said the water resistent stuff was good for the pad, however it pushes the water to the carpet and rots the carpet out... so no real point unless you want to keep the pad for a long time and keep replacing the carpet every ten years or so).

Wound up being more than I wanted... typical... no cash discount :( ... they offered zero percent finance, we turned it down. The amount wasn't too much and I didn't want another hit on our credit (just bought a tv on a zero percent deal last month), so we paid cash for it... I was hopeful of an extra discount for the cash deal...

We basically got a $5.00 per sq.ft. deal (pad and carpet) for $2.82 per sq.ft... not a bad deal. nice (51oz carpet... stain resistent, etc.) with a 6 pound pad... includes instal.

Thanks for all your help...
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If you haven't already doneso, make sure your homeowner's policy covers water (flood damage). My sister in law and her husband put new carpet in their basement and less than 2 weeks later, they had 6 inches of water on it. Fortunately, they were covered. Lots of other people I know weren't.
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