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Can anyone tell me how long the fantasy draft will last?


Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
I have about 3 hours I know I can be there, but can someone from the other league tell me how long it will take? Also, can you make some picks yourself, and then let the computer pick the rest if you have to leave?

Any info would be appreciated.


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
I have only done a handfull of live drafts and I think that they are ususally an hour or so, of course it depends on the number of teams in the league. You can let the computer make your picks for you if you have to leave. I had to do that with the last one we just had the first BP league. I think I made my first three picks. It will pick them by the order you rank your players so It's a good idea to go in and rank them ahead of time if you don't like the order they have them ranked.
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