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Buckeyes in the 2004 NFL Pro Bowl


Will Bryant
Staff member
Orlando Pace, 5th time
LeCharles Bentley, 1st time

That's it, but a big congrats to LeCharles. I suspect that like Orlando, he'll be going back regularly.

Oh to have had those two back on our OL the last two years. :roll1:
Oh to have had those two back on our OL the last two years

You can say that again. Let's hope as Tressel brings in quicker, more athletic lineman we can produce a couple more gems like Pace and Bentley. To me our O-line is our only glaring weakness.
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Good to see Bently make it. He's had a heck of a year in Nawlins. I'm glad to see the linemen make it..... in these days of big plays and celebrations everyone forgets that it all starts in the trenches. Someone has to protect Manning and Favre and open the holes for Ricky Williams and Preist Holmes.

Congrats Guys!
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