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Buckeye Traditions (Merged)


Since we are trying to put together information, and we don't have enough people yet to make this too heated, why don't we brainstorm about Buckeye Traditions

What are the great traditions, and what order would you put them in?

1) Script Ohio
2) Buckeye leaves
3) Senior Tackle
4) Skull Session
5) Alma mater at the end of home games (I think I spelled it wrong)
6) Ramp Entrance
7) Block O
8) Hinneygate
9) Tunnel of Pride
10) Victory Bell
11) Start of 4th Quarter Hang on Sloopy
12) Buckeye Trees for Ohio State All Americans
13) I can't think of the name, but it is and informal improptude pep rally durring scUM week that results in people jumping in miror lake.
14) Brutus Push ups
15) The Neutron Man
16) Beating Northwestern

I'm out of ideas for now.
Here is how I would start to rank them....

1) Script Ohio - every college football fans knows about it. ABC uses it on their CFB commercials

2) Buckeye Leaves - started by Woody in the 68 season, imitated by many

3) Skull Session - another unique event that isn't duplicated anywhere else

4) Senior Tackle - didn't they get like 25,000 attending this event before it was closed to the public?

5) Hang On Sloopy - the state rock song, played by TBDBITL at key times including the start of the 4th.

honorable mention (for me, at least)

-- swimming in Mirror Lake - Thursday nite before the home games against um, drew a crowd of about 5000 students this past year. only downside is the obvious "shrinkage factor" here, but it was worth it.

-- Carmen Ohio with the team and TDBDITL, will be a tradition in time.
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I agree with 1 & 2 being Script Ohio and Buckeye Leaves...

Skull session's nice, but I gotta move the Buckeye Grove and the singing of the alma mater up there.

Beating tsun is starting to be a nice tradition as well!
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spring game is a nice tradition... the ringing of the victory bell is nice, the buckeye grove is nice as well... I don't really want to rank them, but I get pumped when the band comes out of the ramp with the percusion leading the way!!!!!!!!
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This past year was the first year I ever got to go to the games (TT and WSU) and I personally really enjoyed Carmen Ohio.

Of course the classics that everyone else listed are there as well.

Here and now I would like to nominate a new tradition,


Maybe it is not original but I would love to see it!
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