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Buckeye Receiving TDs of 50+ Yards (by length)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Archives' started by LordJeffBuck, Dec 13, 2019.

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  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    Ohio State ReceiverDate of GameOhio State OpponentScore of GameW / L / TYardage
    Devin Smith09/14/2013California52 - 34W90
    Calvin Murray09/22/1979Washington State45 - 29W86
    Santonio Holmes01/02/2006Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl)34 - 20W85
    Terry McLaurin12/02/2017Wisconsin (Big Ten Championship)27 - 21W84
    Terry Glenn09/30/1995Notre Dame45 - 26W82
    Devin Smith08/30/2014Navy34 - 17W80
    Santonio Holmes09/11/2004Marshall24 - 21W80
    Jeff Graham09/30/1989Boston College34 - 29W80
    Robert Klein11/25/1961Michigan50 - 20W80
    Curtis Samuel09/03/2016Bowling Green77 - 10W79
    Michael Thomas11/08/2014Michigan State49 - 37W79
    Everett Ross10/31/1987Michigan State7 - 13L79
    Jim Harrell10/29/1977Wisconsin42 - 0W79
    Parris Campbell11/24/2018Michigan62 - 39W78
    Chris Sanders11/05/1994Wisconsin24 - 3W78
    Doug Donley10/21/1978Iowa31 - 7W78
    Dane Sanzenbacher09/192009Toledo38 - 0W76
    Terry McLaurin09/01/2018Oregon State77 - 31W75
    Curtis Samuel11/05/2016Nebraska62 - 3W75
    Terry Glenn09/23/1995Pittsburgh54 - 14W75
    Mike Lanese11/09/1985Northwestern35 - 17W75
    Parris Campbell08/31/2017Indiana49 - 21W74
    Cedric Anderson10/16/1982Illinois26 - 21W74
    Ted Ginn, Jr.11/05/2005Illinois40 - 2W73
    Jake Stoneburner10/27/2012Penn State35 - 23W72
    Devin Smith09/15/2012California35 - 28W72
    Dimitrious Stanley01/01/1997Arizona State (Rose Bowl)20 - 17W72
    Cris Carter11/01/1986Iowa31 - 10W72
    Cedric Anderson10/23/1982Indiana49 - 25W72
    Jan White10/19/1968Northwestern45 - 21W72
    Parris Campbell10/06/2018Indiana49 - 26W71
    Johnnie Dixon09/30/2017Rutgers56 - 0W70
    Carlos Snow11/21/1987Michigan23 - 20W70
    Parris Campbell09/23/2017UNLV54 - 21W69
    Joey Galloway01/02/1995Alabama (Citrus Bowl)17 - 24L69
    Terry McLaurin11/17/2018Maryland52 - 51W68
    Brian Robiskie09/15/2007Washington33 - 14W68
    Anthony Gonzalez11/20/2004Michigan37 - 21W68
    Ken-Yon Rambo09/18/1999Ohio University40 - 16W68
    Joey Galloway08/29/1994Fresno State34 - 10W67
    Calvin Murray01/01/1980Southern Cal (Rose Bowl)16 - 17L67
    Michael Jenkins10/27/2001Penn State27 - 29L66
    Dane Sanzenbacher09/02/2010Marshall45 - 7W65
    Jeff Graham10/13/1990Indiana27 - 27T65
    Joey Galloway10/15/1993Michigan State23 - 7W64
    Lenny Willis09/13/1975Michigan State21 - 0W64
    Arnold Fontes10/16/1965Michigan State7 - 32L64
    Parris Campbell09/15/2018Texas Christian40 - 28W63
    Michael Thomas09/13/2014Kent State66 - 0W63
    Devin Smith09/29/2012Michigan State17 - 16W63
    Dee Miller09/12/1998Toledo49 - 0W63
    Matt Keller10/19/1996Purdue42 - 14W63
    Doug Smith11/05/1983Indiana56 - 17W63
    DeVier Posey11/07/2009Penn State24 - 7W62
    DeVier Posey10/24/2009Minnesota38 - 7W62
    Charles Bryant11/04/1961Iowa29 - 13W62
    Jameson Williams09/21/2019Miami of Ohio76 - 5W61
    Chris Vance09/08/2001Akron28 - 14W61
    Terry Glenn09/23/1995Pittsburgh54- - 14W61
    Binjimen Victor10/05/2019Michigan State34 - 10W60
    Devin Smith10/13/2012Indiana52 - 49W60
    Brandon Saine10/09/2010Indiana38 - 10W60
    Chad Cacchio09/09/2000Arizona27 - 17W60
    Michael Wiley09/07/1996Rice70 - 7W60
    Greg Frey10/20/1990Purdue42 - 2W60
    Everett Ross11/14/1987Iowa27 - 29L60
    Rod Gerald10/14/1978Purdue16 - 27L60
    Johnnie Dixon08/31/2017Indiana49 - 21W59
    Ted Ginn, Jr.10/23/2004Indiana30 - 7W59
    Ken-Yon Rambo09/25/1999Cincinnati34 - 20W59
    Jim Harrell10/30/1976Indiana47 - 7W59
    Philly Brown10/19/2013Iowa34 - 24W58
    Dane Sanzenbacher11/13/2010Penn State38 - 14W58
    Ted Ginn, Jr.09/02/2006Northern Illinois35 - 12W58
    Ted Ginn, Jr.11/06/2004Michigan State32 - 19W58
    David Boston09/07/1996Rice70 - 7W58
    Jeff Graham10/20/1990Purdue42 - 2W58
    Bruce Jankowski09/27/1969Texas Christian62 - 0W58
    Chris Olave11/30/2019Michigan56 - 27W57
    Parris Campbell12/02/2017Wisconsin (Big Ten Championship)27 - 21W57
    Jalin Marshall11/15/2014Minnesota31 - 24W57
    Jeff Heuerman01/03/2014Clemson (Orange Bowl)35 - 40W57
    DeVier Posey11/24/2009Minnesota38 - 7W57
    Ted Ginn, Jr.11/07/2006Bowling Green35 - 7W57
    Ted Ginn, Jr.10/15/2005Michigan State35 - 24W57
    Dino Dawson11/10/1984Northwestern52 - 3W57
    Ted Ginn, Jr.01/02/2006Notre Dame (Fiesta Bowl)34 - 20W56
    Terry Glenn10/28/1995Iowa56 - 35W56
    David Boston11/22/1997Michigan14 - 20L56
    Billy Ezzo09/15/1973Minnesota56 - 7W55
    Bruce Jankowski10/05/1968Oregon21 - 6W55
    Braxton Miller09/07/2015Virginia Tech42 - 24W54
    Jalin Marshall11/22/2014Indiana42 - 27W54
    Corey "Philly" Brown11/26/2011Michigan34 - 40L54
    David Boston11/14/1998Iowa45 - 14W54
    K.J. Hill09/21/2019Miami of Ohio76 - 5W53
    Michael Thomas09/06/2014Virginia Tech21 - 35L53
    Devin Smith11/30/2013Michigan42 - 41W53
    Brian Hartline11/22/2008Michigan42 - 7W53
    Michael Jenkins11/10/2001Purdue35 - 9W53
    David Boston10/17/1998Minnesota45 - 15W53
    Doug Donley10/27/1979Michigan State42 - 0W53
    David Hazel10/19/1974Indiana49 - 9W53
    Charles Bryant10/22/1960Wisconsin34 - 7W53
    Brian Robiskie09/29/2007Minnesota30 - 7W52
    Bobby Olive10/27/1990Minnesota52 - 23W52
    Gary Williams10/03/1981Florida State27 - 36L52
    Terry McLaurin09/08/2018Rutgers52 - 3W51
    Rod Smith11/03/2012Illinois52 - 22W51
    Santonio Holmes10/15/2005Michigan State35 - 24W51
    Michael Wiley09/07/1996Rice70 - 7W51
    Doug Donley09/30/1978Baylor34 - 28W51
    Michael Thomas10/24/2015Rutgers49 - 7W50
    Devin Smith09/13/2014Kent State66 - 0W50
    Brian Robiskie10/20/2007Michigan State24 - 17W50
    Michael Jenkins11/16/2002Illinois23 - 16W50
    John Lumpkin01/01/1998Florida State (Sugar Bowl)14 - 31L50
    Gary Williams12/30/1981Navy (Liberty Bowl)31 - 28W50
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2020
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