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Buckeye Players Past and Present?


Staff member
I believe Mike Kudla is at least register on Bucknuts, but I don't think he posts on the much if any at all. I remember a dispute he and another poster had about whether he was an imposter or not then he logged onto a bucknuts club chat with the same name. That sealed it for me, I believe it was him.
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I think planetclown is going to check out the boards over here. He keeps a low profile though so I doubt he'll ever tell who he is. The man knows football inside and out and would be a great addition to the community that clarity has going over here.
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We don't really need to know identities, but just knowing they have insight into the program, whether it be sibling, parent, good friend of player or past player, makes their posts that much more interesting.

I always enjoy VLMarti's posts because, aside from his being NM's dad, he always brings smart, well informed opinions. He'd be a great addition here if someone wants to invite him to the best SITE for BUCKEYE talk.

The problem I have with the O-Zone is that their messageboard format is too jumbled.

Steve Rehring's(sp) brother was always a great poster while answering questions about his brother. Not sure what his name is, but somthjing in the area of UDogg --- something.

:oh: :io:
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