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Buckeye Defensive Line - 2003


No doubt that if D'Andrea continues his impressive improvement our LB corps will be as good as anyone's. Hawk will be all-conference, and Reynolds should be solid as a senior (with Carpenter gettin a ton of back-up time...they almost may rotate each other). Our DL could end up as the very best in college football. With Fox and Gamble at the corners, the only area where there's any real questions is the deep secondary (which I think will turn out to be pretty good). Our defense may be as good as last year's by the end of the season.
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you know, as I have been thinking about how teams will attack our defense this year I am starting to agree with Mili. I can not think of one spot that will be a true weakness. Inexperience will be be a factor so teams may try a lot of shifting and motion but once the ball is snapped it is all talent out there and I think we have had a talent upgrade from last year. Don't get me wrong, I would take Wilhelm and Grant anyday as my starting LBs, but I don't think we are gonna lose a step there. We may even gain a little with the athletic ability of the 2 young men stepping in there. I believe our safties will be great. I don't care what comination they put back there, we have some players.
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They may attack it like they did last year: by putting 3 and 4 receivers out and trying to exploit our nickel backs and/or test our 'backers speed by dumping to the backs. Not sure if either will work for them, though.

I agree with Mili, that our D may be just as well as laste years, by the end of the season.

I'm still doing the vodoo chant that Sanders' foot somehow gets longer and wider.
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3 or 4 receivers sounds about right. Or something along the lines of the success that Kellen Winslow, Jr had last year like lining up some dude that is tall and quick in the slot and seeing how we handle him in the flat and/or over the middle on play action drags.

Will we stay home? Will there be a man with the speed and size to blanket this Winslow-type person? Will we get pressure there quick enough?

D'Antonio seems to know how to consistently get pressure there in a hurry- something my poor Browns seem never, ever able to do. - At least not last year.

Who in the big ten or off the schedule has this type of Tight-End/Threat? It seems as though we almost recruited to specifically to fight this deficiency. I do trust the coaches but I love pointing out any potential leaks.
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I agree that Purdues style of O would be the best way to attack our D (unless somebody gets hurt...). Those quick nickel and dime throws are hard to guard against, and could show a potential weakness in our nickel/dime packages... that and if one or our starting corners goes down due to injury, we could be in some big trouble (granted, Underwood keeps improving... so he might be huge for us as far as depth is concerned)...
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Injuries are always a concern. I feel that this year, even more so than last year, we have good depth. If someone goes down with an injury at Ohio State there is going to be a highly recruited, well-coached young guy to step in there and he's going to give it his best shot.

In other words, I think, you definetely don't want to be taken off the field for any reason.
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