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Buckeye Blog - 5/28/04


Who Is the Next Ryan Brewer?
written by LordJeffBuck (5/28/2004)

With memories of the Spring Game fading fast, and fall practice still over two months away, most Buckeye fans are now focused on recruiting during these summer doldrums. Ohio State already has verbal commitments from four excellent players (DB Jamario O'Neal , OL Alex Boone , OL Jim Cordle , and DL Ryan Williams ), and appears to lead for at least two others (DB Adam Myers-White and DL Todd Denlinger ). OSU's summer camp should produce a handful of offers to rising stars, and maybe even a commitment or two. By the time the season begins on September 4th, the Bucks could have nearly half of their 2005 class filled, and should be well on their way to another top 5 recruiting haul.

I personally believe that Jim Tressel and his staff do an excellent job of identifying high school talent, and then recruiting those talented players to Ohio State; I feel that the same should be said for John Cooper and his staff. However, despite the extraordinary prowess and tireless efforts of Ohio State's talent evaluators, every year, without fail, the fans manage to locate a player who simply must become a Buckeye, and then bombard message boards and other public fora with repeated demands that said player immediately be offered a scholarship to attend The Ohio State University. The fans' arguments are rarely based on the player's talent or potential, but rather more often on his stated "love for the Buckeyes" or the fact that he "bleeds scarlet and gray".

Last year, the supporters of Chauncey Incarnato, an offensive lineman from Dover, waged a very vociferous campaign on his behalf, alternately imploring and impugning Tressel & Company, and ultimately predicting the utter devastation of Ohio State football if their man did not receive an offer forthwith. Alas, the prophets of doom were crying in the wilderness, for Mr. Incarnato never received an OSU offer, and he ended up signing with Notre Dame. A smaller, more civilized, but equally dedicated contingent promoted Scottsdale, Arizona QB Darren Mougey, whose father had actually attended Ohio State; their pleas were also ignored, and Darren signed with San Diego State instead.

However, the poster child of fan favorites has to be Ryan Brewer, a running back for the Troy Trojans who was Mr. Football in the state of Ohio in 1998. Even though Ryan rushed for over 2800 yards as a senior, and over 7600 yards for his career, Ohio State, under the direction and control of head football coach John Cooper, refused to tender him an offer (neither did Notre Dame, by the way). All Buckeye fans were offended and outraged; many went into fits of apoplexy or paroxysms of fear; some even whispered that this would be the end of Ohio State football as we once knew it.

Well, it turned out that the fans were right, sort of. On January 1, 2001, the Ohio State Buckeyes played in the Outback Bowl against the South Carolina Gamecocks, coached by former OSU assistant Lou Holtz, who had possessed the wisdom and foresight to sign none other than ... Ryan Brewer. Then a sophomore, Ryan was the star of the show that day, gaining 219 all-purposes yards and scoring three touchdowns while spearheading the Gamecocks' rout of the listless Buckeyes, 24-7. Ryan had vengeance. Cooper was fired the very next day. The fans were vindicated!

So, my question to you is this: Who is this year's Ryan Brewer? The player has to be someone with Division I talent; who is academically eligible; who is from or has connections with the state of Ohio; who wants to be a Buckeye; but who will never, under any set of circumstances, no matter how loudly we scream, how humbly we beg, or how menacingly we threaten, ever receive that cherished and coveted offer from The Ohio State University. Please give me your thoughts by replying below.
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LJB- excellent "blog"

I have a few candidates for the next Ryan Brewer- academically eligible (or not a concern), that I think will be good if not great college players (who could come back an haunt us)- I am leaving out academic borderline players i.e. Ringer or K. Davis

Brian Hartline- everyone assumes he will get an offer, he bleeds S&G but there is a possibility he doesn't get an offer (I hope he does :) )

Brandon Harrion- tremendous athlete but some think he might be too small

Cedric Tolbert- borderline candidate- strong and steady but maybe not spectacular enough?

I think all three would like to be Bucks, they are highly rated but just might not earn an offer.
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It's amazing, we've had the blog going for all of a day or two, and we've already produced an article superior in quality and value to any that I read while a subscriber at *cough* other websites. I once suggested to the staff at one of those that their userbase might be an untapped resource of content, information, and quality editorial views.

I'm glad they blew me off. :wink:

Great write-up LJB, looking forward to more from you, and all the rest of the BPloggers.
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gmsbears said:
I would say Tyrell Sutton.

Hey! I was going to say this guy. Personally, I have not seen him play but my brother watched him play St. V on television in Medina and said he looked awesome with great big legs. Just amazing. My second reason for blindly picking Sutton would be because he plays for my beloved Hoban Knights where I played and received my HS Diploma.

Looks like I was beat to the punch.

I have to concur with Clarity that this was an exceptionally written well thought-out article better than what I currently, continue to be subscribed.

The thought about the users being an untapped source of content is very true. That's why I've gravitated to message boards with regard to football. It kind of is like everyone is a journalist (and a critic). It's a great source of info.
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Thanks for the props, 86, Clarity, and Slickman!

I think you guys have made some excellent suggestions. Tolbert is a kid for whom I am rooting; he seems like a great all-around kid, and his former teammate Ben Person has spoken highly of him. However, 86 might be right - Cedric might not be "spectacular" enough.

Some other RB's will certainly miss out on offers, and Sutton at only 5'8" might be one of them.

Wow, I bet the fans would really go nuts if Hartline weren't offered.
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Nice piece LJB! I can't really add a name that isn't already listed. Although ...

The player has to be someone with Division I talent; who is academically eligible; who is from or has connections with the state of Ohio; who wants to be a Buckeye; but who will never, under any set of circumstances, no matter how loudly we scream, how humbly we beg, or how menacingly we threaten, ever receive that cherished and coveted offer from The Ohio State University

That's a great description of ME! (Well, minus the Division I talent) :biggrin:
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Tyrell Sutton was my first guess as well. This is a kid that will most likely not get an OSU offer due to a combination of recruiting other tailbacks and his size. But damn, he has some moves and puts up big yardage. Maybe not a typical "Big Ten style" runner, but he'll make someone happy.

I would've said Ray Williams, oops.....

From last year's class, I'll go with QB Grant Gregory from Athens. I can't believe he didn't get anything better than Indiana. Chris Pool was very high on him, and his film looked pretty damn good considering the talent surrounding him. I doubt he'll hurt us at Indiana, but on a good team I think he would be one to watch.

I think Javon Ringer will be a mistake to let go, provided he qualifies. I still can't figure out who we're so confident on getting at tailback.

Great question, by the way.
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