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Will Bryant
Staff member
I know I've mentioned this on and off for a few months, but it's still on the way. I've held off because JelSoft is expected to leave beta and go to a gamma release (whatever the hell that means) within in the next week or two, and then shortly thereafter, go to a final production copy.

Final production says two things to me; (1) more stable, (2) don't have to upgrade yet again later if we go to an earlier version now.

So, there we are. When a final release is out, we'll go to it. Or if it sounds like that's going to be further pushed back, we'll go to the Gamma.

As far as the data side of this site, we ran into a snag with the Athletic Department. What they provided is insufficient to create what I want here. So it's all on hold until after the football season, at which point we'll get back to tracking down the info we need. I have a few different avenues of approach on the programming, so we should be good there too. The only part of this site that I *don't* expect to see through, is the player interaction. In a perfect world, that type of deal would be terrific. In ours, it opens players up to problems I just wouldn't want to be the cause of. I'm leaving this as an open issue until it's time to cross the bridge, but wanted to lay my thinking out as long as I'm rambling about behind the scenes stuff.

Stats was always my main interest and focus anyway.