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Bitching about the 2004 Season


3rd-11, NOWE36 12:34 B. Basanez passed to A. Aikens to the left for 22 yard gain

3rd-10, OHST47 0:21 B. Basanez passed to A. Aikens to the right for 12 yard gain

3rd-11, OHST27 11:44 B. Basanez passed to M. Philmore to the left for 27 yard touchdown. B. Huffman made PAT

3rd-7, NOWE23 3:12 B. Basanez passed to M. Philmore to the left for 19 yard gain

3rd-10, OHST44 1:25 B. Basanez passed to J. Fields to the left for 19 yard gain

and who can forget this stellar display during the Marshall game....
3rd-20, OHST23 9:04 S. Hill passed to B. Bates to the left for 23 yard touchdown. I. O'Connor made PAT

and this despite dominating NC State for the entire game:
4th-19, OHST26 1:48 J. Davis passed to B. Clark down the middle for 26 yard touchdown. J. Deraney made PAT



Be cool-everyone dealing w something u don't know
Staff member
  • thanks for the detailed reminder...

    I'll go throw up again... then start patching the hole in the wall...

    bad pass rush, great execution on their part, very good use of picks - but sad to say, not illegal, just very precise execution...

    was definately a dichotomy of desire.. they wanted it more
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    We refused to blitz the QB on 3rd and long. There were times we only rushed 3 guys. You give a veteran QB and a veteran line no pressure, and the QB will find the open man. We have the LBs to blitz, so blitz them.
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    Great 2 B A Buckeyes !!!
    Oh8ch Question ?? or anybody who has an educated guess ...

    Oh8ch said:
    What is even more pathetic is that we came into the game 112th in the nation on 3rd down conversions at 25%.
    Oh8ch ,
    Do you think its because our Db's are giving the Wr's too much of a cusion because they don't have the confidence to play them tight yet due to lack of experience as a starter ?? I am just asking ... I am not sure what the answer is.
    They are good athletes and hopefully it can be fixed. They were out there all day in the game too though because our offense was mostly 3 and out (at least for 3 quarters it seemed .. no excuse though)
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    Hall of Fame
    The only attempt at pressuring the QB that I noticed was from the 3-4. Only sending 1 LB and/or using a LB as a spy isn't blitzing IMO. When Mike D'Andrea is standing in the middle of the field picking his nose there will certainly be an open dropoff receiver.
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    High Seas Rogue
    KillerNut said:
    If anything I thought the blitz was overused in the game, Everytime we ran one he got rid of the ball quickly threw the ball to where the defenses weakspot was and there players made plays.

    I'm sorry, but I don't remember all this blitzing your talking about. I don't have a copy of the game, but I would bet we blitzed less than 10 times the whole game. And several times only sent 3 men after the QB.
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    I thought we were blitzing way too much and they were predictable blitzes I could tell who has coming. We would blitz and they would run a screen to that side of the field. The blitz caused us to be out of position and then the piss poor tackling allowed big games. We should either play more zone or play bump n' run. Since our db's were play so far of the line it gave the other wr's or o-lineman to come out and get a block to spring the wide outs to. If we were in bump n' run we would stop quick passes. I don't know why we don't play bump n' run it is not like are db's are so slow that they are going to get burnt deep.
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    Serenity now
    I haven't seen us play bump-n-run yet this year. Wasn't all the talk that Snyder would be a little more aggressive in pass defense than Dantonio? Is there a better way to defend the quick screen than by playing 2-3 yards off the receiver at the line?

    The constant deep cover 2 on 3rd down was beyond mindblowing. Everyone in the stadium knew what was coming on 3rd down. Send a couple guys at the QB, drop the safeties 10 yards behind the 1st down line, let the safety tackle the receiver 5 yards beyond the 1st down.
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    Guys, I was at the game and it would not have mattered if we had 12 guys out there most of the time.

    Their misdirection plays which are usually reverses and such were in the form of handoffs to the tailback sliding down the line or the bubble screen or whatever you wanted to call their version.

    It seems to me from my vantage point that they needed to bring the linebacker/safety up and put them in the seam where they wanted to throw instead as many noted they gave them way to much cushion and they did it over and over and over.

    The game last night reminded me of the semi-sweep play that we used to run in 2002 when we had a running game. The one where we ran MoC to the right on the double tight end set I think 6-8 times in a row. Northwestern ran what seemed like about 4 plays all night.

    Maybe Mr. Snyder needs to be like every other D-coordinator in college football and get up to the press box where he could see what i saw from my $22 cheap seat.
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