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Will Bryant
Staff member
As a birthday present, and as something of an insignificant but heartfelt gesture to everyone here who sort of form the base of what should be a growing community, I thought I'd offer for a limited time to set custom user titles for people.

You see them on osugrad21, mililani, vrbryant and some others. That's all it is. Instead of being a freshman, sophomore, all-american, etc., you can pick what you like now and I'll set it in place.

This is a limited run offer. Perhaps I'll do it again in the future, perhaps not. The only other way to get it is get 10k posts. And while Mili should be there sometime mid-season this year, the rest of us are going to be a few years away yet. :wink:

Reply to this thread with requests. Obviously not everything will fly, but 99% of it will.
Great idea and a wonderful gift. And I have nothing for you...

If it will fit I would like to be the "Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis".

If that doesn't work I can just be "The Luftmensch".
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