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Bill Rhoden, New York Times


Boner Jamz '03
Hey, I am new here, but have been a poster on bucknuts before. It just isnt the same over there anymore.

I dont know how many of you have seen this but according to a poster on bucknuts, Bill Rhoden, a writer has refused to even give osu his vote in the ap poll "becuase of the way they handled the Maurice Clarett situation."

Now i dont know how much or even if it will factor in our rankings for the AP poll, So I was wondering if any of you could give your insight.

Sounds like blatant abuse of his position and responsibility. Wouldn't this have to be grounds for stripping of his voting rights?

The AP poll isn't a platform for politically-fueled statements.
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To be truthfull, I don't know of any other way that they could not have handled it. Considering all the false allegations that clarett
made when the vehicle was broken into and the items were stolen. Other than the incident with the tutor giving him an oral examination, all these thing were brought on by his own actions. They had nothing to do with how the Ohio State Adminstration handled this. I really think Ohio State did all they could to help out the real cause of his problems. The NCAA investigations were the ones who began to dig deeper into the problems once the story was put out by the New York times.
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