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Big Ten weakness in NCAA 2005

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I don't know if this has been posted before but as I just started a new dynasty i cant help but notcing the weakness of good teams in the big ten such as wisky, Iowa, Purdue, etc. Going into week 7 Wisconsin is 3-2, Iowa is 3-2, and Purdue is 2-2. My Ohio State team is the only undefeated team in the Big Ten and the only Big Ten team in the top 15. Meanwhile the big 12 has 4 teams in the top 15, the acc has 4, and the sec has 4 in the top 15. This seems like a classic bias that the Big 12, SEC, and just recently the ACC are more of power conferences than the Big Ten used by the developers.


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I've done a few dynasties for a year or so just for the heck of it and every time the Big10 as whole is pretty sad. Usually, only 3-4 are ranked and 1-2 are ranked in the top 15..Now, I just got done playing every game of the first dynasty season and beat an undefeated Michigan 23-3 on all-american. OSU and Michigan were #3 and #4 in the BCS rankings. Minnesota was #10 and Wisconsin was something like 20.

By the way, took Oklahoma 17-0 for the title. Underwood, Sims, and Schlegel were 1st team all-americans. Schlegel had 22 sacks. Ross led the country in TD's...ok, so I used certain guys alot.
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in my first dynasty, iowa rose to #2 before getting beat the week before the NC game against me. im now on my 3rd restarted dynasty because i keep wanting to do things a little differently.

i am now doing a 3 team dynasty with OSU, Syracuse, and Miami (fl.). OSU for obvious reasons, Syracuse to build up a bad team, and Miami to ignore all the discipline warnings to see how badly they can get on probation :lol:
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i was confused as hell in my first year of dynasty iowa played me tough but managed to lose like 7 games on the season.. but yea, im running an 18 game winning streak into mich st tonight. although for the conference thing im disgusted that right now the sec has i believe 5 top ten teams, georgia, lsu, florida, south carolina, and i believe tennesee.. sickening.. im gonna have to start scheduling them to knock em back down to earth.
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I wonder if Lemming did some consulting on the game because in every dyanasty I play for 2-3 years, Noter Dame usually turns into a top 5 team by 2007. Penn State was up to #3 the last time I played them, and Iowa, Purdue, and Michigan are always tough. Michigan just can never get through the pre-conference schedule unscathed. Meanwhile, in the most recent one I did, I noticed that both Oklahoma and Florida State started out 1-5.
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